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April 7, 2010

The fringe of the tea wagon



There is a certain amount of just plain anti-government hostility involved in all this tea party stuff, as well as in the militia movement.  The notion that they are losing control of the country is paramount.  Perhaps the recent election of a black president with a platform of change has been threatening to their sense of order.  A long series of court decisions going against white males toward minorities and females is a source of rancor.  The notion that the wage earner is paying taxes to support a lazy sub-class is involved in this fear of “socialism” among working class people.   


A big problem for some lies in national demographics.  The country is becoming less white and much more Hispanic, black, and minority.  In a few decades, forecasts are that white people will no longer be a majority in the United States.  This issue of change, compounded by immigration, threatens many white Americans.  This is likely an underlying motivation for the militia movement, in that some Americans think that they may sometime in the future have to take up arms to protect their rights and their property – or to take their country back. 


A large number out there believe that religion is being suppressed by government, and that the Bible is being tossed out of public schools and other public agencies.  They have been threatened by a moral blow of rock and roll music and now comes “hip-hop,” whatever that is. 


Some people no longer believe that they can trust “democracy” in government because “we” are becoming outnumbered, and people don’t vote according to our ideas of good and bad.  Some feel that they can no longer trust legislative bodies to do right, nor can they trust other social institutions such as courts and schools to do right.  So, they organize “patriot” groups of one kind or another – tea party, tea party militias, Hutaree militia, American patriots, or some groups with other similar high-sounding titles.  There has been a 245% growth in number of “patriot” groups since 2008. 

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Militant Moderate
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