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April 20, 2010

Militia: Near and Far




Then, the call-up portions of programs involved calls to militia officers from around the country.  There were calls to the head of the Texas militia, and even calls to the head of the well-known Michigan militia.  And, yes, there were calls to the head of the Oklahoma militia, the existence of which was a new revelation to the casual, ordinary viewer. 

Then there were topics related to common conspiracy threats seen by these folk.  They were really upset by the Waco compound disaster, and they seemed to have an obsession against the federal ATF enforcement agency.  The young host would often take calls and share information with militia chiefs about sightings and locations of black helicopters flying over or on trucks being moved or flown about in Oklahoma.  One gathered this was in fear of the ATF, or some other federal agency. 


This one listener became disturbed enough by all this that he wrote letters to various authorities, local, state, and national, calling their attention to what was transpiring – in case they did not know.  Probably they did, and probably others reported in as well. 


Shortly after, their little world fell apart.  The man who posed as a lawyer was arrested for not paying property taxes and his property was seized.  After trials, he ended up in jail.  The young man disappeared.  The little TV station was closed down for a while, to open later under new management. 


Interestingly enough, this little scenario played only a short time before the domestic terrorist, anti-government actions of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols in bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building and killing 168 innocent people.  On tapes McVeigh said he was not sorry and it had to be done – sounding similar to the Wichita abortion doctor murderer. 


These people were all a part of a loose anti-government, anti-tax movement of the early 1990’s.  Militias were forming all around the country, exercising their second amendment rights to arm themselves with military weapons.  They conducted training exercises.  There were anti-government threats and armed standoffs in Idaho as well as Texas.  Nichols learned bomb-making from the Michigan militia folk.  McVeigh and Nichols were associated at that time with an anti-government group in a compound in the hills of eastern Oklahoma. 

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