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March 30, 2010

All Tea Party

“We are all Tea Party here,” declared Sarah Palin appearing with John McCain at a recent rally supporting his re-election as senator from Arizona.  The crowd screamed its approval of that statement, and John McCain beamed somewhat sheepishly.  One wonders what was going through McCain’s mind at that time. 


Was he thinking: “How did it ever come to this?”  Was he mortified with embarrassment?  Did he think: “A couple of years ago I picked this woman out of obscurity, and she was an embarrassment to me during the election.  Now, look what I am into.  She’s picking me up and dusting me off.”  Or was it, “I’m an 80 year old war veteran and once a respected leader.  I’ve endured terrible things.  Now, why me, why this, Lord?” 


Most of us had a lot of respect for John McCain during his earlier years as a maverick, going against his party and working across the aisle with the opposition on any number of issues important to the country.  His succumbing to pressure from the right and picking Sarah Palin bothered most moderates.  That topped off his shift to hard right rhetoric during his run for his party’s nomination.  Then he continued to run an entirely negative campaign for the presidency, still using the style of the hard right. 


Now poor John McCain is locked in a life or death struggle for his own senate seat with a loony from the fringe right, a political snake oil salesman if there ever was one.  This guy lost his seat in congress after his involvement in the Abrahamoff bribery scandals shortly back.  Now the guy is coming at McCain for the party’s nomination, running from the lunatic fringe. 


Rather than revert to what many of us think his real nature might be, John has chosen to go further and further to the right.  His public appearances and his speeches in the Senate have been full of right wing hostility and anger.  At home he is apparently trying to get as far over to the right as this kook who is opposing him.  This is what brought him to a crazed bunch of tea party fans of Sarah Palin, while accepting the gratuitous endorsement of this know-nothing political celebrity from the fringe. 

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Militant Moderate
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