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March 17, 2010

Health care myths


Another commonly believed set of myths surround the notion that the new health care plan will drive insurance costs up, do nothing about total health care costs, and will drive up deficits to bankrupt the country.  None of these is true.  A 1% increase in total costs with the new plan, as forecast by Medicare actuaries for the year 2019, would be quite a success considering that millions of new people being covered within the system and improved benefits given.  Objective CBO forecasts have the new plan resulting in a reduction of more than $100 billion from the deficit within 10 years, helping rather than hindering debt problems. 

Although Republicans have succeeded in putting doubt and fear into the minds of millions of Americans about the health proposals coming from their mandate in the 2008 elections, the tide of opinion seems to be shifting back as some realization of differences in fact and fiction emerge and take hold.  Those favoring health care reform had dropped from an average of about 68% to 47% as a result of bitterly poison political propaganda spread through tea parties, politicians and pundits, corporately funded advertising, Fox News, and other efforts. 

Approval appears to be returning above the 50% mark as a result of information efforts by the president and others.  Oddly enough, when the different elements in the proposals are broken out separately in polls, favorability ratings have always stayed above 60%.  This makes it evident that the steady staccato of condemning lies about this awful socialistic plan about to befall us had its effects.  A number of unthinking persons have been led to condemn the whole of the parts they like – not a rational position. 

It is important to dispel the myths and to look at the realities of this very complex proposal to salvage the benefits of a technologically advanced, but inefficient and underperforming, health care system for all Americans.  It is time look again at the desperate human conditions that abound.  Time is short.  The propitious moment must not pass without action. 

Dr. Edwin E. Vineyard, AKA The Militant Moderate

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Militant Moderate
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