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January 31, 2010

The audacity of 'Nope'

Who would have thought that a party, any political party, which had done nothing but say, “No,” to every positive action and proposal significant to the nation put before its delegation in Congress could possibly be laying a plausible claim to “winning” after a year of such negatives?  “Nobody would’ve thunk it,” to use a Yogi Berra expression.  That is so far from a winning tactic, it is difficult to imagine any success could come from it. 


Well, it would likely have not been so, had there been a fair debate on the merits of the issues placed before Congress for consideration. 


The Republican Party, and its various spin-off radical groups with heavy financial backing, had minions out in full force.  They were in the mainstream media, their Fox channel, talk radio, the so-called town meetings, and the faux grass roots “tea bagger” movement sponsored by organized moneyed sources.  The American people, regardless of the wisdom and credit lauded upon them by politicians, may well be the most gullible people in the world. 


With control of talk radio and a right wing news channel, the republicans have told the people, over and over and time and time again, that everything coming out of Washington is evil.  Of course, this is emphasized all the more during a democratic administration.  Big business in this country has always preferred a laissez faire, deregulating government with an attitude that anything that is good for business is good for the country.  Never mind that such an attitude usually results in hurt and catastrophe for the little people, and in the most recent case -- the country’s big banks and a near collapse of the nation’s economy. 


The country is indeed sick and tired of politics as usual in Washington.  They are tired of stalemate and gridlock.  They are tired of democrats fighting among themselves and squandering their opportunity to accomplish something good.  They are tired of their welfare and their interests not receiving attention commensurate with the big banks and car companies.  They are sick of losing jobs while our buying imports abroad increases. 

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Militant Moderate
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