The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

November 2, 2012

2 vying for Kingfisher County court clerk

By Cass Rains, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

— This much is known for sure about the general election: the next Kingfisher County court clerk will be named Lisa.

Lisa Benson and Lisa Markus are running for the position, left vacant by the retiring Yvonne Dow.

Benson, who lives in Dover, said she is a lifelong resident of Kingfisher County. She has worked for the district attorney’s office since 2007, and is director of the supervision and restitution program.

Benson is a 2006 graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in business administration and management, with minors on pre-law and accounting.

‘I think it’s a good opportunity to use the experience I’ve gained in the district attorney’s office,” she said of running for county court clerk. “The education I received really did tailor me to take on a leadership role of our county.”

Benson said if elected, she wants to continue to help the people of the Kingfisher County. She said she would like to continue some programs Dow has put into place.

“She has run the office very well,” Benson said. “There are some things she’s started I’d like to expand upon.”

If elected court clerk, Benson said she has the experience to transition the office forward into the digital era.

“Technology is being upgraded in court clerks’ offices across the state,” she said. “I have experience doing technological upgrades and can upgrade the technology while holding the high level of efficiency in the office.”

Benson said she also would examine processes and procedures to see what can be streamlined or eliminated to save the county money.

Markus has lived in Kingfisher for 32 years with her husband, Joe.

She has worked in the Kingfisher County Court Clerk’s Office for 27 years, the last 12 as first deputy court clerk. Markus oversees the criminal, both felony and misdemeanor, filings in the county and disbursement of fees collected through the office for qualifying agencies.

Markus said her experience within the office would make her a good choice for voters.

“I have worked for the previous three court clerks,” she said. “I have a real good feel for the way the office is run.”

Most of the office’s functions are governed by statutes, the administrative office of the court and the Oklahoma Supreme Court, and Markus said there was not much she could change.

“Our office has always been run well and is respected by attorneys from Kingfisher and other counties,” she said. “I would like to keep our office at that high level of efficiency and respectability.”

Markus said her experience would make her a good county court clerk, and she wants to keep the office running as well as it is now.

“We try to be very efficient, very helpful. Just try to keep the office at a high level like it is now,” she said. “I feel I’m very qualified with the experience I have and would love the opportunity to serve the citizens of Kingfisher County and the state of Oklahoma, too.”