The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

August 24, 2013

Hoping to dazzle in Vegas

Local motocross rider Brett Cue invited to Monster Energy Cup

By Dale Denwalt, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — An Enid motocross racer and performer will ride among the world’s best later this year at the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas.

Brett Cue recently got the invite, which came after the let-down of not being picked to compete in this year’s X Games. Cue brands himself as a “whip” specialist — a method of exhibition where the rider whips the bike sideways, up and down and while also returning the wheels to their original position.

A representative of the Monster Energy Cup had seen several videos Cue and his friends made as they prepared for the X Games, and then got in touch with the 26-year-old Enid native.

The celebration wouldn’t last long. The very next day, Cue was trying out a new trick at his friend’s house and crashed.

The “cliffhanger,” as it’s called, requires a rider to stand straight up from the seat and lock his feet under the handlebars — all while flying through the air.

“I kind of got my feet out a little too far and I hit the front brake with my foot. And whenever you hit the front brake it drops,” Cue said. “The bike landed and I landed on top of it.”

Injuries he got from the crash kept Cue out of a hometown exhibition Saturday at the Greater Oklahoma Sportsman’s and Outdoor Expo. He rides with “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram’s Steel Rodeo Tour, which made a stop at the Expo to show off massive flips and other style moves on a ramp outside the Chisholm Trail Expo Center. He’ll be ready for Vegas, though.

Brett Cue's Facebook page

Cue began riding dirt bikes 16 years ago with his dad, Ronnie. Throughout the week, he works with his father installing pools and on the weekend, he travels the country with Bartram, who is from Stillwater.

“I’m gone pretty much every weekend when I’m healthy,” Cue said. “But during the weekend, I try to come back here and work and try to make enough money if I don’t get paid that much on the weekend.”

He said he didn’t expect to get where he is today in the motocross world, but with practice, it just happened.

“I’ve always raced along the way, but I like to jump more,” Cue said. “Since then, my interest is the whip competition.”

He’s trying to expand his repertoire with other freestyle stunts. Sometimes, though, the tricks don’t work out very well.

“A whip is considered more like a racer’s trick. A lot of the racers don’t know how to do all the tricks Kenny does, and I don’t know how to do a lot of them either,” Cue said. “I’m just learning a few of them as we go, and that’s why I crashed the other day.”

He said that immediately after the tumble, he didn’t even remember the good news about being invited to Las Vegas.

“They told me, ‘At least you got into Monster Cup.’ And I was like, ‘what?’” Cue joked. “I didn’t even know that. It was a while before I really realized where I was at or what month it was.”

The Monster Energy Cup is Oct. 19 and features many of the competitors who won a spot to appear on the X Games. Cue said he is excited to attend the televised motocross event.

“It’s going to be the most stacked field there is. And it’s going to be fun — the most awesome thing I’ve gotten to do yet,” he said.