The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

September 16, 2013

Developer given more time for city subdivision

By Dale Denwalt, Staff Writer
Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — A city panel has extended the time limit for a housing developer to keep working on his subdivision, despite a recommendation from staff to deny it.

David Ritchie has requested an extension for improvements to the Chisholm Creek Development, located on the east side of 4th at the north Van Buren Bypass.

He already has received three extensions from MAPC since the plat was approved in 2008. The plats were not developed, city Planning Administrator Chris Bauer said, because of a stated “downturn in the housing market.” Bauer recommended the MAPC deny the most recent request, because he could not find a reason to extend it.

Ritchie said a recent housing study calling for more affordable homes should be taken into account, despite the previous lack of construction.

“It’s either going to work and I’m going to be a rousing success, or you can come out there and buy those lots for whatever they are,” Ritchie said. “But I’m sure trying to complete that subdivision.”

MAPC member Don Rose asked Bauer whether there would be a downside for the city if the extension were to be approved.

“I see no upside or downside to the city,” Bauer replied.

Upon Rose’s motion, the panel approved the extension unanimously.

MAPC also approved the following items:

• Placing a stop sign at Sandhill and Carson, near Oakwood Mall.

• Placing a yield sign on Polk at Poplar.

• Site development plan for a new Pepsi-Cola facility dock.

• Site development plan for a new World Harvest Church location.

• Preliminary plat for 69 single-family residences in the Stonebridge Village development.

• Preliminary plat for the Stonebridge Office Development at Chestnut and Cleveland.

• Amending land use and rezoning two sections of land on North Jackson to allow metal storage buildings.