The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

December 10, 2013

Homebuilder plans to construct 40 houses

By Dale Denwalt, Staff Writer
Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — An Oklahoma City-based homebuilder with experience in Enid is planning to start a large housing development near the Brookside addition.

Terry Carty, with Carland Group LLC, confirmed Tuesday he has plans for the $7 million development, which is being called Forest Ridge Heights.

He filed a public notice earlier this month indicating he will seek a tax credit through Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency.

So far, the neighborhood still only exists on paper, but Carty has made progress toward breaking ground.

“We’ve got a site plan. We’ve got site control on the land,” he said, adding he will find out in May whether the tax credit is awarded. “We’re very optimistic about it.”

Carty said the tax credit is essential to begin construction.

Carland Group, which specializes in building homes, has performed work in an area of Enid that needed low-cost homes. Construction began in 2010 on more than two dozen cottage-style homes, the Enid News & Eagle reported at the time.

“This isn’t our first rodeo in Enid, and we’ve had a very close working relationship with (Community Development Support Association), and the city has just been overwhelmingly positive about this and they’ve been very helpful to make this happen,” Carty said. “It’s a joint effort with a lot of people.”

The CDSA is a local representative for those existing properties, and helped find people to move in.

Forest Ridge Heights will be located west of 30th on Forestridge Drive. The city of Enid planning office has yet to process any paperwork relating to the project, a spokesman said Tuesday. Enid City Commission, however, is planning to include an item discussing the project on its Dec. 17 agenda.

Carty is confident the market will be able to support up to 40 new homes.

“Enid is probably one of the most devastated housing markets for affordable housing in the state,” he said, adding his company performed a market study. “It’s a definite need.”

If the tax credit is approved, Carland Group will begin construction before the end of 2014. There will be only one phase of building.

“As a general rule, once the streets are in and we start general construction, it takes us about 60 days to complete a house. We do large numbers very rapidly,” Carty said.

He also usually includes a mixture of local contractors and his own people.

“There’s nothing written in stone on any particular project,” he said.

Each home will be between 1,200 and 1,400 square feet and most likely will include a two-car garage, three bedrooms and a safe room or cellar. The new residents can either buy the home outright or enter a 15-year lease-to-own agreement.

The Brookside neighborhood is well known for the harrowing October 1973 flood that damaged many of the middle-class homes in the area and killed several who were caught off guard when Boggy Creek overflowed its banks. The event is described as a 500-year flood for its statistical rarity.

“We are completely out of the 500-year flood plain,” Carty said.