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May 4, 2013

Tri-State results



• Adams Elementary School, Kaiaesha Shaver, Piano 2D, I

• Chisholm High School, Concert Band 3A, II; Concert Band 3C, I

• Cimarron High School, Hannah Poage, C Flute 1A, I; Gunning/Moore, Brass Duet 1A 2, I;

• Cimarron Middle School, Treble Chorus 5C 8-5C, I; Mixed Chorus 5C 8-5E, II; Mixed Chorus 5C 7-5C, II

• Emerson Middle School, Mikalyn Stuber, C Flute 3C, I; Nicole Houston, Woodwind Duet 3C 2, I; Mikalyn Stuber, Large Woodwind Ensemble 15 3C 15, I; Destiny Clark, Large Woodwind Ensemble14 3C 14, I; Emerson Middle Grace Crum, Alto Saxophone 3C, II; Emerson Middle School, Cody Gregg, 3C 3, I; Chandler Cravens, 3C 3, I; Aiyana McKay, Large Brass Ensemble 10 3C 10, I; Derek Whittington, Large Brass Ensemble 16 3C 16, I; Anna Olson, 3C 20, I; Faith Crum, Snare Drum 3C, I; Faith Crum, Large Percussion Ensemble 12 3C 12, I; Holly Nance, Viola 3C, II; Anne Kapka, Violin 3C, I; Bettianna Johnson, Viola 3C, II; Holly Nance, String Duet 3C 2, II; Anne Kapka, String Duet 3C 2, I; Classical Guitar 3C, II; Cody Smith Acoustical Ensemble (maximum 6) 6 3C 6, I

• Emmanuel Christian Elem, Morgan Meyer, Classical Guitar 1D 1, II

• Enid High School, Andrew Carlson, Cornet-Trumpet 5A 1, I; Katie McGrath, Cornet-Trumpet 5A, I; Carson Walker, Cornet-Trumpet 5A, I; Colleen Zelenski, Cornet-Trumpet 5A, II; Brian Fry, Trombone 5A, I; Breydon Renard, Trombone 5A, I; Tony Buckley, Trombone 5A, I; Hayden Durheim, Trombone 5A, II; Izzy Miller, Baritone/Euphonium 5A, I; Josh Reading, Bass (Tuba) 5A, I; 4Girls, Large Treble 8 5A 8, I; Pyper duet, Treble Duet 5A 2, I; Castor duet, Treble Duet 5A 2, I; Govea duet, Treble Duet 5A 2, II; Moore duet, Treble Duet 5A 2, III; Janae Adams, Soprano (H.S. Only) 5A, II; Micheal Johnson, Baritone (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Sydnee Graves, Soprano (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Kathryn Sugianto, Alto (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Katherine Jones, Alto (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Ivey Dyson, Alto (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Abigail Barnett, Soprano (H.S. Only) 5A, I;Hope Gerhard, Soprano (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Abbie Tillman, Soprano (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Danielle Clodfelter, Soprano (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Rachel Pyper, Alto (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Samantha Chance, Soprano (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Amina Switzer, Soprano (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Brenna Bushman, Soprano (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Charity Bliss, Soprano (H.S. Only) 5A, II; Jazmine Stallings, Alto (H.S. Only) 5A, III; Monica Govea, Alto (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Vicky Reyes, Alto (H.S. Only) 5A, II; Paige Christy, Alto (H.S. Only) 5A, II; David Phelps, Baritone (H.S. Only) 5A, I; Jacklyn Maloy, C Flute 5A, I; Miranda Simon, C Flute 5A, I; Kelsi Booniksen, Bb Clarinet 5A, I; Caitlyn Butcher, Bb Clarinet 5A, II; Cortney Emerson, Bb Clarinet 5A, III; Rachel Emerson, Bb Clarinet 5A, I; Caitlin Huckins, Bb Clarinet 5A, I; Brooke McClelland, Alto Saxophone 5A, I; Rachel Meyer, Alto Saxophone 5A, I; Katie Bushman, Alto Saxophone 5A, I; Weston Schloss, Tenor Saxophone 5A, I; Emerson, Woodwind Duet 5A 2, II; Concert Band 5A, I; Mixed Chorus 5A 9-5A, II; Sarah Youn, Piano 5A, I; Mixed Chorus 5A 9-5A, II; Mixed Chorus 5A 5E, I; Treble Chorus 5A, I; Mixed Chorus 5A, I; Jordan Cromwell, Marimba 5A, I; Brianne Simmons, Violin 5A, I; Jacob Brown, String Duet 5A 2, I; Brianne Simmons, String Duet 5A 2, II; Tabitha Binkley, String Duet 5A 2, II; Sam Telinde, Classical Guitar 5A, I; Kylie Kliewer, Classical Guitar 5A, I; Shelby Snapp, Classical Guitar 5A, I; Conner Layne, Classical Guitar 5A, I; Katy Sullivan, Classical Guitar 5A, I;Skylar Coffey, Classical Guitar Ensemble 2 total 5A 2, II; Katy Sullivan, Classical Guitar Ensemble 2 total 5A 2, I; Show Choir 5A, I

• Enid Twirling Academy HS, Carolyn Koepping, Pom, I; Carolyn Koepping, Dance Twirling 10:03, I; Katie McGrath, Pom, I; Katie McGrath, Dance Twirling, I; Katie McGrath, Flag Twirling, I; Aspen Stephens, Pom, I; Chelsea Lewis, Pom, I; Natalie Yadon, Pom, I; Lauren Tefft, Pom, I; Lauren Tefft, Small Twirling Ensemble 11, I; Carolyn Koepping, Small Twirling Ensemble 10, I; Aspen Stephens, Large Twirling Ensemble 14, I

• Garber Middle School, Concert Band 1C, III; Brett Severin, Piano 1C, II; Brianna Deeds, Piano 1C, I; Madison Deeds, Piano 1C Katlyn Booth, Piano 1C, I; Katlyn Booth, C Flute 1C, I; Alliyah Jones, C Flute 1C, I; Charles Hobson, Alto Saxophone 1C, II; Dearae Writtington, Woodwind Duet 1C 2, III; Brianna Deeds, Woodwind Duet 1C 2, II; Kaylee Phipps, Woodwind Duet 1C 2, I; Brett Severin, Cornet-Trumpet 1C, I; Victoria Benson, French Horn 1C, I; Cora Smith, Baritone/Euphonium 1C, I; Allison Benson, Cornet-Trumpet 1C, I; James Benson, Bass (Tuba) 1C, I; Tiffany Goss, 1C 2, II; Kaigan Garis, 1C 4, II; Noah Anderson, Cornet-Trumpet 1C 1, II; Madison Deeds, Girls High Voice (JHS,-MS) 1C, I; Elyssa Nagel, Girls High Voice (JHS,-MS) 1C, II; Kaileb Barnett, Snare Drum 1C, I; Elizabeth Plunkett, Snare Drum 1C, II; Elizabeth Plunkett, Xylophone 1C, I

• Hayes Elementary School, Zachary Guymon, Classical Guitar 4D, II

• Holefelder Studio HS, Kindyl Krueger, Piano, I; Nate Yharra, Piano, I; Elizabeth Mitchell, Piano, I; Grace Mitchell, Piano, I

• Kremlin-Hillsdale High School, Christina Meyer, Piano 1AB, I; Megan Courtney, Piano 1AB, I

• Kremlin-Hillsdale High School, Hope Matthews, Large Woodwind Ensemble 1AB 18, II; Maddy Blythe, Woodwind Duet 1AB 2, II; Allison Woodall, Woodwind Duet 1AB 2, II; Hannah Wverflein, Woodwind Trio 1AB 3, I; Mary Mitchell, Woodwind Quartet 1AB 4, II; Hope Matthews 1AB 5, II; D.J. Toelle, Cornet-Trumpet 1AB, I; D.J. Toelle, Bass (Tuba) 1AB, I; Trev Schoenhals, Brass Quintet 1AB 5, II; D.J. Toelle, Brass Trio 1AB 3; Christian Meyer, Large Brass Ensemble 1AB 18, I; Olivia Felber, Alto (H.S. Only) 1AB 7:54, I; Brenden Stokes, Large Percussion Ensemble 1AB 14, II

• Kremlin-Hillsdale Middle School, Katelyn Martin, Woodwind Duet 1C 2, II; Carlee Salisbury, Woodwind Duet 1C 2, I; Alice Keithly, C Flute 1C, I; Mariah Blythe 1C 4, II; Rebecca Wasson, Brass Duet 1C 2, I; Dakota Gabriel, Brass Trio 1C 3, II; Joe Keithly, Piano 1C, I; Josh Reimer, Piano 1C, I; Alice Keithly, Piano 1C, I; Kremlin-Hillsdale Middle School, Brooklyn Light, Alto (H.S. Only) 1C, I

• Longfellow Middle School, Tonya LaMunyon, Large Mixed 18 total 3C 18, I; Deyonna Beachem, Girls High Voice (JHS,-MS) 3C, I; Ashlin Zink, Girls High Voice (JHS,-MS) 3C, II; Britney Chase, Girls High Voice (JHS,-MS) 3C, II; Tiffany Teepe, Girls High Voice (JHS,-MS) 3C, I; Samuel Aikuj, Viola 3C, I; Kristina Majowitz, Violin 3C, II; Kristina Majowitz, String Trio 3C 3, II; Chelsea Wilkins, String Duet 3C 2, I; Eric Lopez, String Trio 3C 3, II; Kira Long, Large, String Ensemble8 3C 8, II; Lisa, Islas, Classical Guitar 3C, II; Edward Winsett, Classical Guitar 3C, II; Heather Coty, Classical Guitar 3C, II; Brock Anderson, Classical Guitar 3C, II; Brianna Brennen, Classical Guitar 3C, II; Thomas Phelps, Classical Guitar 3C, II; Kyle Postier, Classical Guitar 3C, III; Hayden Mann, Classical Guitar 3C, II; John Carrol, Classical Guitar Ensemble (6 total) 3C 3, II

• Oklahoma Bible Academy High School, Zach Hays,Electric Guitar-Bass 2A, I

• Oklahoma Bible Academy Middle School, Rachel Doud, Classical Guitar 2C, I; Nick Stapleton, Classical Guitar 2C, I; Montell Meyers, Classical Guitar 2C, I;

• Penello Studio Lexi Neahri

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Local and State News
  • Lady_Liberty_A-26_3_BH_W.jpg Work begins on Lady Liberty's engine

    A-26 Lady Liberty Support Group has raised $20,000 of the $60,000 needed for rebuilding the engine of the bomber, which saw action in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

    July 28, 2014 1 Photo

  • Cool Snap_Hass_W.jpg Cool snap brings heat relief to Oklahoma, Arkansas

    A cold front headed for Oklahoma and Arkansas will bring unseasonably cool temperatures and a chance of rain through next week, weather forecasters said Monday.

    July 28, 2014 1 Photo

  • City of Enid brand.jpg City moves next meeting to Monday

    Their meeting and study session, originally scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 5, will be on Monday instead.

    July 28, 2014 1 Photo

  • iw_worldtour_3lines_flat_hd.jpg TNA Impact Wrestling announces show in Enid

    TNA Impact Wrestling will make a stop in Enid in September.

    July 28, 2014 1 Photo

  • Trentadue.jpg Trial opening over video of Oklahoma City bombing

    Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue says the FBI won’t release security camera videos that show a second person was with Timothy McVeigh when he parked a truck outside the Oklahoma City federal building and detonated a bomb, killing 168 people.

    July 28, 2014 1 Photo 1 Link

  • crime stoppers web.jpg Truck reported stolen in Enid

    The victim told the reporting officer sometime between 7:30 p.m. July 16 and 11:30 a.m. July 17, someone took a vehicle from in front of their residence. The vehicle is a gray 1991 Dodge Dakota displaying 2014 Oklahoma tag 205-HUV.

    July 28, 2014 1 Photo

  • Rodeo 1_W.jpg Rush of adrenaline

    Teen’s interest in bullriding leads to 4th-in-nation recognition at National High School Finals Rodeo.

    July 28, 2014 1 Photo

  • 2 earthquakes recorded

    Two small earthquakes were recorded Sunday in northwestern Oklahoma.

    July 27, 2014

  • County Commissioners meeting Monday

    The Board of Garfield County Commissioners is expected to receive an update Monday on work at the future home of the Enid and Garfield County Emergency Management office and the Garfield County Sheriff's Office.

    July 27, 2014

  • Fairview Play 2_W.jpg Funds raised from musical to help assisted living in Fairview

    A proposed $1.6 million assisted living facility in Fairview will soon be getting a boost in funding from musical performances and dinners.

    July 27, 2014 1 Photo

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