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October 18, 2008

Stories of paranormal, hauntings abound in Enid

Masses of people visit walk-through haunted houses during the month of October each year. But would there be quite so many volunteers willing to walk through a building that truly was haunted?

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the fact remains sometimes things go bump in the night. And sometimes these things are without explanation.

After asking many residents, one of the most common places people have heard stories of strange occurrences is in the building that once was the women’s dormitory at Phillips University.

Stories run rampant among college students concerning that old dorm. Stories of accidental death, murder and suicide all are used to explain legends such as strange lights shining through windows when there is no electricity in the building.

But the fact is, those old dorms are old news.

Actually, many of Enid’s spooky tales have been told over and over throughout the years and are beginning to lose excitement.

There is one place that boasts old rumors of hauntings but has a recent new story.

Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse, built in 1920 as Alton’s Mercantile, long has been rumored to be one of Enid’s homes for the paranormal. Recently, an unexplained occurrence may bring new light to the old stories.

Once upon a recent evening, Mollie Babb, a volunteer coordinator for Leonardo’s, was sitting alone in the aging structure.

“I was here by myself in the office,” said Babb. “And I heard a thud on the third floor.”

Dedicated to her work, Babb has spent a lot of time in the building and has heard a plethora of sounds that can be made by a settling frame or a ventilation system.

“You hear a lot of noises, but it was kind of different,” said Babb.

The noise was unusual enough to cause Babb to abandon her work and exit the building, careful to lock the doors and set the motion-sensitive alarms.

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