The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

October 27, 2012

Open carry goes into effect Nov. 1

By Cass Rains, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Open carry goes into effect Nov. 1Oklahoma’s open carry law goes into effect Thursday. The law gives Oklahoma citizens, who possess a valid Oklahoma carry and conceal license, the option of openly carrying their firearms in full view under the Oklahoma Self Defense Act. The law’s passage adds Oklahoma to 24 states that have similar laws. Enid Police Department’s Lt. Gary Fuxa said the law adds the option for those licensed to carry concealed firearms to carry them in public. “To carry firearms in full view, it must be carried in a belt or shoulder holster,” he said. “We encourage utilizing a quality-made holster with a good retention system. “The licensee must also possess their carry conceal license and Oklahoma ID with them at all times while carrying their firearm in public. The law prohibits carrying firearms in government buildings, public meetings, sporting events, jails, schools, race tracks and bars. Firearms can be carried in some public parking lots, but not in some public buildings. “Restaurants where the primary income is food and not alcohol are OK, unless restricted by the owners,” Fuxa explained. “Individual businesses can decide their own policy regarding the carrying of firearms inside their place of business. Fuxa said the Enid Police Department has conferred with the District Attorney’s Office and the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training’s Conceal Carry Curriculum developer regarding the training of its officers and communications personnel on the new open carry law, and other laws that will go into effect Thursday.