The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

October 6, 2013

Enid men, dogs place in Sunday fun jump event

By Robert Barron, Staff Writer
Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Two Enid men and their dogs placed in the fun jump, part of the Super Retriever Series Classic Super Dock program Sunday afternoon.

Tink, owned by Ross Stambaugh of Enid, won second place in the event. Tink jumped 12 feet, 10 inches. Fourth place was won by Midas and Mike Bugg, also of Enid. Midas jumped 9 feet, 10 inches.

Lil’ Texas, trained by Sandy Goodson of Dallas, won first place. Lil’ Texas jumped 16.17 feet to win the competition. Goodson also won third place with her dog Lizzie, who jumped 10 feet, 10 inches.

Goodson said she and Lizzie are a seasoned dock jumping team. They have participated in dock jumps for nine years since Lizzie was 11⁄2 years old. She currently is training 15 new dogs.

“I go all over the place with Lizzie,” she said.

Goodson and Lizzie gave a jumping demonstration Saturday afternoon after the jumps concluded. Any dog was allowed in the fun jump competition, no matter what breed. On Saturday, two Chesapeake Bay retrievers and two Irish water spaniels competed.

“The main point is to have fun and bond with your dog,” Goodson said.

Bugg is an instructor pilot at Vance Air Force Base. Bugg and Midas, a registered yellow retriever, placed Sunday, but he said only a few dogs participated.

“The weather probably kept some people away,” he said.

Bugg plays with his dog as a hobby and throws the ball to him every day as a way to “wear him out.” This year’s Super Retriever Series Classic was the first time Midas jumped.

The dogs run down a runway, jump toward an artificial “bird” and must catch it as they jump, and where they land is measured. The Super Dock is always a popular spectator sport, drawing large crowds of dog lovers watching the dogs compete.

During Goodson’s demonstration, she sat Lizzie at the back of the runway while the bird was prepared, but Lizzie kept scooting up, little by little, until she was closer to the water. Goodson took her back to the official starting point before giving her the signal to run.

Goodson said the dogs love the water and most are accustomed to being in it.

Kelly Goodwin, manager of Oakwood Mall, which hosted the Super Dock portion of the Super Retriever Series Classic, said the event went very well overall and was great for Enid.

“The field trial (in Hillsdale) went very, very well. We had several professional trainers come from all different areas of the country,” he said. Trainers came from Alabama, Mississippi, the East Coast, Illinois, Iowa and other locations, he said.

“One of the professionals had weather problems up in Colorado,” he noted.

The Super Retriever Series Classic has been in Enid the last two years, but Goodwin does not know where it will be held next year, as the decision has not been made yet.

“It’s been good for Enid and it brought some awareness of the outdoor sports that are available here,” he said.

He thinks if the series continues to be held here, it will grow. He also hopes to bring some professional trainers and handlers to Enid permanently.

The professionals enjoyed being in Enid. Goodwin said he was told by several individuals how friendly and helpful the community is. Some could not find a hotel room, however. “We took some of them out to eat and they thought it was fantastic,” he said.

The duck calling contest was a particular hit, he said. Four professionals and three children participated in the competition. One professional, Glenn Niebaum, worked with the kids and helped them with their callers and took time to encourage them, Goodwin said. The winners received a Winchester Ducks Unlimited shotgun, a collectible gun.