The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

August 20, 2012

EPS Board of Education approves hiring, retirements, resignations

Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — These are the personnel transactions of the Monday meeting of the Enid Public Schools Board of Education.

• Hired were Michael Bluey, mathematics, Enid High School; Madison Bocanegra, 4-year-old program, Monroe Elementary School; Laurie Brough, English, EHS; Jana Brown, social studies, EHS; Jamie Castle, second grade, Garfield Elementary School; Cindy Colachis, science, Longfellow Middle School; Carolyn Edwards, English, EHS; Corene Faulkner, second grade, Adams Elementary School; Kristen Hall, 4-year-old program, Monroe; Michael Haskell, social studies, EHS; Mary Heasley, adaptive PE teacher, Harrison/MS; Ashley Levick, kindergarten, Monroe; Lori Palmer, reading, Longfellow; Diane Schenk, vocal music, Taft/Eisenhower Elementary School; Johnny Scott, social studies, EHS; Jamie Smith, second grade, Coolidge Elementary School; Melinda Smith, special education, EHS; Nathan Sullivan, science, EHS; Cheri Ward, first grade, Garfield; Sha-leane Williams, second grade, Monroe; and Kayla Zelnicek, kindergarten, Garfield.

• Hired pending certification were DeeDee Adams, special education, Emerson  Middle School; Laura Baker, second grade, Coolidge; Ashley Cooper, language arts, Longfellow; Christina Evans, special education, Longfellow; Susan Hegarty, fifth grade, Adams; Jami Hogan, special education, EHS; E. Elaine Quillman, vocal music, Monroe; and Courtney Tiglas, third grade, Taft.

• Hired on support contracts were Julio Aguilar, teacher assistant, Garfield; Guadalupe Almeida, nutrition worker, Hoover; Amy Anglin, nutrition worker, Prairie View; Jamie Bender, paraprofessional, Emerson; Victoria Bolanos, nutrition worker, Garfield; Anna Bryant, secretary, Monroe; Maria Camarena, nutrition worker, EHS; Bryson Chattam, nutrition worker, EHS; Alecia Clardy, secretary, EHS; Melissa Coats, teacher assistant, Garfield; Sierra Corbitt, nutrition worker, Prairie View; Roberto Cuevas, custodian, Garfield; Misty Darst, teacher assistant, Taft; Connie Dowers, nutrition worker, Prairie View; Ginger Ferris, secretary, Monroe; Rebekah Foster, nutrition worker, Eisenhower; Sandra Frye, nutrition worker, EHS; Danny Gilliland, bus driver; Tamara Grimes, nutrition worker, Central Kitchen; Teri Gusa, nutrition worker, Waller; Logan Hubbart, custodian, EHS.

Also, Rob Kappus, bus driver; Nancy Layne, teacher assistant, Monroe; Cynthia Martinez, teacher assistant, Prairie View; Chasity McFadden, teacher assistant, EHS; James Peoples, bus driver; Maria Ponce, custodian, Taft; Kerri Rainey, teacher assistant, Hayes; Amanda Robinson, teacher assistant, Glenwood; Samantha Schmaus, teacher assistant, Waller; Steven Schuermann, custodian, Eisenhower/Hoover; Bobbi Shelite, nutrition worker, Emerson; Jami Smith, secretary, Coolidge; Christine Truttman, nutrition worker, Hoover; Ana Vargas, nutrition worker, Garfield; Roger Waggoner, campus police, EHS; and Justin Winbolt, computer equipment systems tech, CO/Technology.

• Retirements approved include Deborah Bowles, 25 years, nine with EPS; Danny L. Gilliland, 32 years, all at EPS; Jimmie Evans, bus driver; Lynn Hermanski, administrative assistant; and M. Jack Ninness, bus driver.

• Resignations approved were Scott Baugh, social studies, Longfellow; Misty Alvarez, teacher assistant, Commons; Christine Bath, paraprofessional, Waller; Scott Baugh, bus driver; Kasi Bezdicek-Martin, teacher assistant, Glenwood; Debby Buller, secretary, EHS; Kathy Congdon, paraprofessional, Harrison Center; Erin Cook, nutrition worker, Hoover; Rachel Cox, teacher assistant, Glenwood; Charles Dickson, custodian, Taft; Carol Earley, secretary, Coolidge; Mary Fischaber, science, Longfellow; Mariellen Gero, ISS monitor, EHS; Tracy Godwin, teacher assistant, Taft; Cindy Goodwin, nutrition worker, Longfellow; Kimberly Grove, nutrition worker, Waller; Cassie Gryder, teacher assistant, Glenwood; Christy Hermanski, first grade, McKinley; Jerry Hermanski, crossing guard, Adams.

Also, Karena Hill, speech pathologist, Glenwood; Ashley Hoskinson, crossing guard, Coolidge; Vickie James, nutrition worker, Garfield; Peggy Kenaga, bus driver; Margaret Knaeble, first grade, Coolidge; Kara McIntyre, teacher assistant, Greenbrier; Cassandra Miller, teacher assistant, Eisenhower; Paula Miller, paraprofessional, Monroe; Elise Morris, second grade, Adams; Maria Navarro-Franco, nutrition worker, Garfield; Gerald Parker Jr., mathematics, EHS; Jennifer Reed, paraprofessional, EHS; Pamela Sands, secretary, Monroe; Dannah Santana, teacher assistant, YWCA; Roxanne Shields, nutrition worker, EHS; Nancy Squires, secretary, Monroe; Barbara Terrel, nutrition, Central Kitchen; and Kitty Watkins, crossing guard, Glenwood.