The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

November 19, 2012

School board OKs changes to ongoing projects

By Phyllis Zorn, Staff Writer
Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Enid Public Schools Board of Education members heard from students of every school when they met Monday night in the Enid High School auditorium.

“This is always my favorite meeting of the year,” said Willa Jo Fowler, board president.

The board also recognized the winners of the American Education Week poster contests. This year’s winners are Lucas Wood, Taft Elementary School; Ashlyn Tipton, Garfield Elementary School; Marino Ajirak Morris, Longfellow Middle School; and Angelica Barajas, EHS.

Turning their attention to the business at hand, board members approved construction-related change orders for work at Prairie View Elementary, the new bus parking lot and Monroe Elementary School.

The contract with Timberlake Construction Co., Oklahoma City, was increased by $28,575 for several electrical changes and irrigation work at Prairie View. Of that total, irrigation work accounts for almost half.

The contract with Hembree and Hodgson Construction, builders of the new bus parking lot, was reduced by $241. On that change order, the amount of fencing to be installed was reduced, saving $2,126, and two large trees on the fence line are to be cut down, adding $1,886.

Board members approved increasing the contract with Heritage Construction by $4,381 for installation of horizontal louver blinds and additional signage for restrooms at Monroe.

Board members also approved a contract with Autry Technology Center allowing Autry nursing students to observe district nurses on duty and a contract hiring Providence Working Canines to provide 12 half-day sweeps with drug dogs.

In other matters, the board approved a slate of routine fund transfers, requests for purchases from activity funds, and encumbrances of various accounts.

Numerous personnel transactions also were approved.

Personnel transactions

Hired on certified retiree contracts were: Nancy Dillard, vocal music, Eisenhower Elementary School; Karen Miles, 4-year-old program, Monroe; Roberta Nehring, Title I tutor, Monroe; and Amy Schovanec, vocal music, Taft.

Hired on temporary contract were: Deborah Cathey, science, Longfellow; Kerri Rainey, school counselor, Garfield; and John St. Clair, art and reading remediation, EHS.

Hired pending certification were: Glenn Cathey, social studies, EHS; and Sophie DeMarkey, French, EHS.

Hired on support contracts were: Noval Cox, teacher assistant, Hayes Elementary School; Jaime Elson, teacher assistant, Glenwood Elementary School; Austin Hazen, teacher assistant, Adams Elementary School; Beverly Kehnemund, nutrition worker, Prairie View; Lenita Krejci, teacher assistant, Waller Middle School; Darrin Morrison, child nutrition truck driver, central kitchen; Pilar Ramirez, nutrition worker, Garfield; Anna “Sue” Richmond, teacher assistant, Coolidge Elementary School; Darryl Rogers, custodian, Prairie View; Justin Rowland, custodian, Garfield; Daymaris Santiago-Flores, nutrition worker, Waller; Rebecca Sayre, teacher assistant, Prairie View; Chaunna Spears, physical therapy assistant, Harrison; Krista Welding, teacher assistant, Waller; Christopher West, custodian, Coolidge; Corey White, teacher assistant, Coolidge; Erin Wulffenstein, teacher assistant, EHS; and Kimberly Zweifel, teacher assistant, McKinley Elementary School.

Retirements approved were: Timothy Jones, social studies, EHS; and Shirley Wilson, mathematics, EHS.

Resignations were: Madison Bocanegra, 4-year-old program, Monroe; Michael Carswell, custodian, Coolidge; Charles Fleig, head custodian, Prairie View; Sandra Goff, teacher assistant, Hayes; Nancy Koehn, French, EHS; Christopher Percival, social studies, EHS; Kerri Rainey, teacher assistant, Hayes; Diane Schenk, vocal music, Taft and Eisenhower; Samantha Schmaus, teacher assistant, Coolidge; Kareem Sears, teacher assistant, EHS; Michael Villareal, custodian, Garfield; and Debbie Willson, nutrition worker, Waller.