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October 25, 2012

Report cards are out for all state schools

By Phyllis Zorn, Staff Writer
Enid News & Eagle

— Chisholm Public Schools fared well on school report cards issued Thursday by the state, garnering the only two A’s in the county. Enid Public Schools brought home eight B’s and six C’s.

A-F School Report Cards were released by Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Each school in the state got an overall grade of A to F, and grades for each of four performance categories. The composite grade is calculated by:

• One-third for student achievement in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and writing, called “2012 Student Achievement.”

• One-third for whole-school performance, including attendance rate, dropout rate, percent of students taking advanced course work, and bonus categories of school climate and parent and community engagement. This section of the report card is called “Overall Student Growth.”

• Seventeen percent each for overall student progress made, called “Whole School Performance,” and progress made by the bottom 25 percent of students, called “Bottom Quartile Student Growth.” However, for schools such as Chisholm, where there is not a “bottom 25 percent” of students, the whole school performance grade is one-third of the overall grade.

Chisholm High School was one of 72 high schools in the state to get an A. Chisholm Elementary School was one of only 45 elementary schools statewide to get an A.

Chisholm Middle School, Emerson Middle School and Waller Middle School each got a B, as did 273 middle schools in Oklahoma. Longfellow Middle School earned a C, as did 226 middle schools in the state.

Among Enid elementary schools, Adams, Eisenhower, Glenwood, Hayes and Hoover got B’s. Statewide, 292 elementary schools were given an overall grade of B.

Coolidge, Garfield, McKinley, Monroe and Taft elementary schools were given C’s, as were 272 elementary schools in Oklahoma.

Enid High School got a B, as did 277 high schools in Oklahoma.

Enid Elementary School report cards |

Enid middle and high school report cards |

Chisholm Public Schools report cards |

Pioneer Public Schools report cards|

Waukomis elementary and high school, Kremlin-Hillsdale elementary and high school, Garber elementary and high school, Pleasant Vale elementary and junior high, Drummond High School and Covington-Douglas High School all got overall grades of B.

Pioneer High School, Drummond Elementary School and Covington-Douglas Elementary School all got C’s.

Fairview and Kingfisher high schools got overall grades of A. Alva, Cherokee, Medford, Watonga and Woodward high schools got overall grades of B.

“We appreciate the time that the State Board of Education took to consider the formula used for the report cards,” said Shawn Hime, EPS superintendent. “While we do not believe they are a flawless reflection of school performance, we welcome any information that we can use to strengthen student achievement.

“Oklahoma has had an accountability system since the early 1990s. Our principals and teachers are very adept at identifying a student’s strengths and weaknesses, then developing a plan for academic success. We’re very proud of what our students are accomplishing in the classroom. Just this month, we’ve celebrated a National Blue Ribbon school, three National Merit Scholars and will soon be announcing three Oklahoma Reward Schools. We look forward to continued improvement and success.”

Janet Barresi, state superintendent of public education, called the report cards “user-friendly, straightforward and fair.”

“It is high time for parents to have access to this information as they seek to make the best educational choices for their children,” Barresi said. “Parents have a basic right to this information, and they should be able to find it easily.”

Barresi also has launched the project “Raise the Grade Together,” in an effort to help every school in the state improve and succeed.

She will visit communities for Raise the Grade Together events to bring together parents, civic, business and school leaders, to hold constructive conversations about academic success and taking a community approach to education.

Where weak areas in student achievement or attendance are exposed, parents and community members are asked to help schools by offering mentoring assistance or volunteering.

A Raise the Grade Together event is scheduled for Nov. 19 in Enid.

Across the state, one percent of schools got an F, 8 percent D, 34 percent C, 48 percent B, and 9 percent A.

Roydon Tilley, superintendent of Chisholm Public Schools, could not be reached for comment on the school report cards.

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