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May 25, 2013

EPD Board makes personnel decisions at Monday meeting

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Enid Public Schools Board of Education members made many personnel decisions at their Monday meeting.

• Hired for administrative positions were: Karl A. White, chief financial officer; Vivian Bunch, director of federal programs; Kelly Craig, director of child nutrition programs; Amber Fitzgerald, director of human resources and communication; Ron Garrison, director of property services; Jim Gelsthorpe, director of transportation; Jeff Herbel, director of information technology; Bill Mayberry, director of athletics-activities; David McCune, director of special services; Cynthia Shiever, business office manager; Joanie McIntyre, supervisor of health services; Clayton E. Nolen, director of adult education; Chris Smith, director of early childhood education; Beverly James, principal, Adams Elementary School; Jennifer Cruz, principal, Coolidge Elementary School; Lyntel Murphy, principal, Eisenhower Elementary School.

Also, Kathy Edson, principal, Garfield Elementary School; James Rainey, principal, Glenwood Elementary School; Jane Johnson, principal, Hayes Elementary School; Karen Heizer, principal, Hoover Elementary School; Kay Kiner, principal, McKinley Elementary School; Polly Maxwell, principal, Monroe Elementary School; Clark Koepping, principal, Prairie View Elementary School; Peggy Kenaga, principal, Taft Elementary School; Doug Stafford, principal, Emerson Middle School; Mark Luetkemeyer, assistant principal, Emerson; Scott Fitzgerald, principal, Longfellow Middle School; Scott Allen, assistant principal, Longfellow; Jon Mitchell, assistant principal, Waller Middle School; Jim Beierschmitt, principal, Enid High School; Dudley Darrow, assistant principal, EHS; Tommy Parker, assistant principal, EHS; Lynne Peters, assistant principal, EHS; and Jarry Hillman, principal, Lincoln Academy.

• Hired on regular contacts were: Jamie Carnes, elementary; Ann Culbertson, elementary; Marsha Cusack, Title I reading; Stephanie Garis, mathematics; Deidra Gerdes, counselor; Robbie Goldstein, special education; Charles Hendricks, special education; Tracy Lewis, special education; Stephanie Merz, early childhood; Misty Owings, special education; Ashley Powers, counselor; Jamie Rhodd, special education; Masie Rogers-Hinrichs, early childhood; Katherine Siler, school psychologist; Kimberly Stafford, special education; Andrew Wagner, special education; Serah Watson, elementary; Brooklyn Whitson, elementary; Caitlin Wieden, elementary; Willig, special education; and Kim Wilson, elementary.

• Hired on second-year temporary contracts were: Dee Dee Adams, special education; Mallory Alekna, orchestra; Amy Allen, language arts; Ann Allen, science; Laura Baker, elementary; Devra Byers, early childhood; Jamie Castle, early childhood; Deborah Cathey, mathematics; Lana Cunningham, school nurse; Christina Evans, special education; Jessica French, character education; Kathleen Grimwood, early childhood; Meghan Hampton, elementary; Angela Harris, elementary; Charla Harris, early childhood; Mary “Betsy” Heasley, adaptive PE; JohnAnna “Annie” Heathman, reading; Kayla Heim, speech pathology assistant; Jami Hogan, special education; Tracey Laymon, early childhood; Ruel “Butch” Lingenfelter, ISSP monitor; Dawn Parker, elementary; Jeanice Polwort, Spanish/ELL; Shea Pulis, elementary; Miranda Quigley, elementary; Kerri Rainey, counselor; Christy Ann Shipley, PE; Melinda Smith, special education; Katy Thomason, reading; Vickie Watson, speech pathologist; Toni Webb, early childhood; Michael Wright, instrumental music/orchestra; and Rebecca Wright, speech pathologist (PT).

• Hired on first-year temporary contracts were: Gabrielle Gizzo, reading; Patricia Hess, elementary; Benjamin Janczewski, social studies; and Tina Ruding, special education.

• Hired pending certification were: Kalie Clickner, elementary; and Brittany Sanders, early childhood.

• Hired on support contracts were: Brenda Jensen, custodian, Hayes; Marques Odom, teacher assistant, Waller; Jessica Reyes, custodian, Coolidge; Leticia Soto, nutrition services; and Jamee Sturdevant, teacher assistant, Glenwood.

• Retirements include: Dr. Ruth Ann Erdner, assistant superintendent, C.O.; and James Turner, mathematics, Longfellow.

• Resignations include: Amy Hartling, special education, Monroe; Natalie Holland, kindergarten, Garfield; Brenda Pastor, special education, Prairie View; Darrell Sanderson, mathematics/ISSP, EHS; Susan States, third grade, Coolidge; and Bernice Skiles, library assistant, Coolidge.