The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

February 19, 2011

Brand new TRX

Enid’s Gym brings in latest trend in exercise equipment

By Kasey Fowler, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

ENID — Gym, formerly known as Body Solid, has new exercise equipment that is stirring up a buzz among clients.

TRX, a suspension training system, is a new exercise trend centered on providing elite strength, speed and conditioning.

TRX is a portable leveraged bodyweight machine that allows clients to do hundreds of exercises to build power, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility and prevent injuries.

Cecilia Holle, Gym owner, said the equipment has become popular for not just extreme athletes often shown in the TRX’s advertisements but also for those with less mobility.

“We will take any of our clients on it. It works from young athletes to one of our clients that is a 94-year-old pilot,” said Holle.

Judy Smith, a client at Gym, uses the equipment regularly.

“It is phenomenal. It is challenging,” said Smith.

Because most people have different strengths in one leg versus the other or one arm versus the other, TRX allows parts of the body to work separately, said trainer Paula Benge.

“It allows it to not compound the problem,” said Benge, who brought TRX in to Gym.

“I took a certification class in Tulsa. I could really see the potential when I took the class. After the class, we got some,” Benge said.

Holle said she and the other trainers had to work on TRX to conquer the exercises.

“As the trainer, we have had to train on it. It works your stabilizing muscles,” Holle said. “The boys take some convincing to get them to use it. It looks like it is too easy, but it is blistering hard.”

Benge said her first TRX workout was intense.

“It surprised me the first time I used it the cardio I got. I was sweaty and breathing hard, and we only did a few of each exercise,” said Benge.

Besides TRX, gym offers a variety of exercise equipment, including balance balls, a punching bag and treadmills. There also is personal training, yoga classes and Pilates. Personal training and Pilates is by appointment.

Gym offers a Polar Body Age body assessment test.

“It is an assessment tool that lets us go through and tells you your chronological age and body age,” Holle said. “It is usually a real rude awakening. It then lets us really tailor the workout for you.”

Body Solid opened in 2007 on Independence, behind the Bike Shop. In January 2009, it moved to its current location, 117 N. Grand, and in 2010, the name changed to Gym because of another company in Chicago using the Body Solid name.

Harrigan Family Chiropractic is housed in the same building.

For information, go to or the business’ page on Facebook. Call Gym at 548-5555.