The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

March 19, 2011

Census brings good news and bad

By Joe Malan, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

— Nine cities and towns in Garfield County saw growth, while four saw declining population in the past decade.

Recently released U.S. Census Bureau data shows most Garfield County towns saw population growth.

Other than Enid, which saw a growth of 47,045 to 49,379, North Enid saw the largest population growth of 64 people. The population of the town is now 860.

The town of Drummond also saw substantial growth, rising from 405 people in 2000 to 455 in 2010.

Breckinridge, Carrier, Hillsdale, Kremlin, Lahoma and Waukomis also increased in population, while those losing population were Covington, 26; Fairmont, 13; Garber, 23; and Hunter, 8. Douglas’ population stayed level at 32.

Garfield County’s total population after the 2010 census is 60,580.

Brent Kisling, Enid Regional Development Alliance executive director, said he uses Garfield County numbers to attract new businesses to the area.

“Looking at where the growth is happening, it’s not just in our town but in our retail draw area,” he said.

One fact that has caught Kisling’s attention, however, is population in northwest Oklahoma decreased overall. Kisling wants to see all areas of northwest Oklahoma grow and bring in new industries.

Kisling said he will continue to examine census data and unemployment data, not just the rate, to market the area.

Garfield Co.    2000    2010

     Town     Population     Population


Breckinridge    239     245

Carrier     77    85

Covington     553    527

Douglas    32    32

Drummond    405    455

Enid    47,045    49,379

Fairmont    147    134

Garber    845    822

Hillsdale    101    121

Hunter    173    165

Kremlin    240    255

Lahoma    577    611

North Enid    796    860

Waukomis    1,261    1,286