The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

August 23, 2013

Sometimes, God requires us to walk out our healing

By Sarah Thompson
Enid News and Eagle

— You might think sharing my faith in a newspaper column every other week means I have it all together.

The truth is, I have problems just like everyone else. I have laundry I need to fold, a child who hates math and I have taken medication after medication trying to find an answer for depression.

I believe God could heal me of depression at any moment if He wanted too, but I believe sometimes He requires us to walk out our healing. I do not understand when and why He chooses to heal, but trying to figure it out will never bring us any sort of peace.

That is why He instructs us to trust in Him and not in our own understanding. God never promised this life would be easy, but He did promise to always be with us. I don’t know what God’s plan is for my life, but I believe he is going to take what I am going through and use it to help other people.

That’s just the way He works. He never wastes a second of our lives. I have been sitting around waiting for God to heal me for the last 18 months. I assumed one day I would wake up and all my problems would be gone.

I had seen Him do it in other people’s lives and had heard their testimonies, so why wasn’t it happening in my life? I continued to struggle week after week. I was even angry at God. I had experienced His goodness in other areas of my life, but this time it felt as if God had turned His back on me.

Then, in the midst of what seemed like the lowest point in my life, the Lord began speaking to me. It was then I realized healing doesn’t always come the way we expect it to.

Most of the time it requires work on our part. I know this to be true: That no matter if I am healed on this side of heaven or the other, God is always good, and His love and faithfulness never end.

So, I will walk out each day, trusting and believing He is greater than depression or anything else I will face in this life.

I appreciate the lyrics by Kutless in their song “Even If”:

“Sometimes all we have to hold on to/Is what we know is true of who You are/So when the heartache hits like a hurricane/That could never change who You are/And we trust in who You are.

“Even if the healing doesn’t come/And life falls apart/And dreams are still undone/You are God You are good/Forever faithful One/Even if the healing/Even if the healing doesn’t come.

“Lord we know your ways are not our ways/So we set our faith in who You are/Even though You reign high above us/You tenderly love us/We know Your heart/And we rest in who You are.

“You’re still the Great and Mighty One/We trust You always/ You’re working all things for our good/We’ll sing your praise.

“You are God and we will bless You/As the Good and Faithful One/You are God and we will bless You/Even if the healing doesn’t come/Even if the healing doesn’t come.”

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