The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

July 23, 2010

Hicks, Allen square off in Blaine County primary

By Kasey Fowler, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

Darryl Hicks

Darryl Hicks has lived in and been involved with Blaine County for more than 40 years.

Now, he is hoping to get the opportunity to serve the area he has lived and worked in his whole life as county commissioner for District 1.

Hicks, of Geary, is running for the Democratic nomination in Tuesday’s primary election against Mike Allen, also of Geary.  The winner fill face Republican incumbent Melba Nance in the Nov. 2 general election.

“I care about the roads and the safety of the children and citizens traveling in Blaine County,” he said.

“I plan to bring fresh ideas, new approaches, and energetic leadership to the Blaine County commissioner’s office,” he said. “Voters in this district have shared their ideas, concerns, and suggestions and I have listened. I will continue to have these conversations and listen to residents of District 1, and I will commit myself to supporting a strong, clean government. My door will always be open to you.

“This is beyond a full-time job, and you will have my commitment to quality and integrity. Now is the time for a new leadership and to find solutions to the challenges facing Blaine County for future generations.”

Maintaining roads is important, but it’s not the only job for a commissioner.

“County commissioners are not only elected to build and maintain county roads and bridges, but they are foremost policy makers and business managers who should represent our county in a favorable light,” he said. “The roads are highly traveled by oil field trucks. That is a double-edged sword, with trucks tearing up the roads, but gross production money increasing. 

“I would ensure sound spending of your money and use my skills to prioritize the needs of the citizens of Blaine County in a manner that benefits all citizens of District 1. It is my intention to get the most benefit out of your money.”

Hicks has experience in large equipment and construction, including welding.

“I have knowledge in bridge and road maintenance,” he said. “I also possess skills in management and crew leadership, teamwork, and experience with budgets.”

Mike Allen

Mike Allen’s history with Blaine County and Geary goes all the way back to his schooling, when he graduated from Geary High School in 1989.

Allen is looking to help those in Blaine County by running for the job of county commissioner for district 1.

He will face Darryl Hicks in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. The winner fill face Republican incumbent Melba Nance in the Nov. 2 general election.

Allen currently is involved in Blaine and Canadian counties operating heavy equipment.

“I am involved with the large amount of oilfield traffic and happenings daily,” he said. “I have had the opportunity to work with Devon Energy, Cimarex and Hoskins trucking employees, and think the oil field industry is a large benefit to all of Blaine County, especially with the district funding decreasing every year.”

If Allen is elected, he plans to improve roads.

“My goals are to work with those oilfield companies to keep our roads maintained for the safety of all citizens traveling in Blaine County,” he said.

He also added he would like to help the county and the towns in the county grow.

“I would like to be involved in ways we can help our small schools and communities to grow,” he said. “It is very important to me that citizens get the most of their hard-earned tax dollars. My door would be open for new suggestions every day. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve the communities.”

“This will be more than a full-time job, but I am ready for the challenge,” he said.