The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

February 26, 2011

Commentary: Enid’s higher education campuses play a crucial role in future of the city

By Violet Hassler, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

ENID — Higher education in Enid has been a priority almost since the day the land run populated this region in 1893, and today the commitment toward providing Enid and area residents the chance to improve their lives is as strong as the pioneer spirit in our city.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University and Northern Oklahoma College had a presence in this town long before the buildings in the eastern part of Enid revealed their physical existence.

Now, both boast beautiful campuses that are connected not only virtually in an effort to provide continued higher education but physically as well with a bridge that joins the two universities’ grounds.

Classes offered here and through interactive technology provide traditional and non-traditional students chances to continue or improve education and their lives.

Both offer a variety of courses and degrees that are sending out graduates with the latest information into fields that will continue to have a future right here in our city.

That is important in today’s world that is growing so fast we never will see again those days of yesteryear where an eight-hour whistle ended our work day and we went home with family.

Today’s employee must juggle careers and family, and higher education is key toward meeting goals. Many employers won’t let a resume cross their desks without higher education as a part of it.

But offering keys to the doors of the future for students is not the only priority of Enid’s universities. Both are part of the community and administrators, personnel and staff continue to meet needs to further the growth and prosperity of the city and region.

Education will continue to be a huge part of economy in Enid and economic development of northwest Oklahoma as a whole.

Hassler is special projects editor for the News & Eagle.