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Education 2011

February 26, 2011

Leonardo’s keeps them learning in and out of the classroom

ENID — Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse is an arts and science museum, as the name of its inspiration implies. That should make it no surprise Leonardo’s partners with education to bring science and arts to life for area students.

Joyce Fales, education coordinator for Leonardo’s, presents programs for science outreach at the museum and in local and area schools.

During one recent session as part of Continental Resources Science Adventure Club, 18 fourth- and fifth-grade students gathered around tables in an upstairs room at Leonardo’s for a lesson in the transmission of sound.

Fales passed out plastic cups, paper clips and cotton string, instructing the students to tie the paper clip to the end of the string.

As she passed out items they would need, she reminded them of the noisemakers made during a previous club meeting.

“I know all your parents dearly loved me when I sent them home, and I do not want them to think less of me,” Fales said. “So today we’re making another noisemaker.”

Under Fales’ direction, club members threaded string through a hole in the bottom of the cup, with the paper clip holding it on the bottom and the string hanging through the cup.

She then passed out wet paper towels and told them to wet their fingertips and run their fingers down the string.

Club members laughed at the sound this produced — rather like a hearty round of flatulence.

“It is supposed to sound like a clucking chicken,” Fales said, pulling her own fingers down a string in short, staccato bursts so it did sound like clucks.

A cacophony of “clucks” followed as club members tried it for themselves.

Leonardo’s science outreach efforts include Critters in the Classroom, Starlab Planetarium / Star Gazer’s Astronomy Club and Weekend Wonders, a partnership with Northern Oklahoma College. They also have arts outreach programs including Art Smart, Arts Learning in Enid, Discovery Saturday / Afternoon Art, art classes, Tools for Home Schools and Camp Leonardo’s.

Leonardo’s offers P.A.S.S. Port Science programs, correlated to Oklahoma curriculum standards, in schools. Classes in this program include “Animal Safari” for kindergarten through ninth grade; “Order in the Class Room” for first grade; “What is This” for second grade; “I am a Plant! What are You?” for third grade; “How Much is It” for fourth grade; “What Do You Need?” for fifth grade; “Water Water Everywhere?” for sixth grade; “K/Nex Education Bridges” for grades 6-9; dissection for grades 5-7; and Continental Resources Science Adventure Club for grades 4-8.

Fales takes science and arts classes to Glenwood  , Monroe, Garfield, Adams and St. Joseph’s elementary schools in Enid as well as home schools, Kremlin-Hillsdale, Pleasant Vale , Chisholm, Deer Creek-Lamont and St. Paul’s schools, Denny Price Family YMCA, Sandbox Learning Center and Vance Air Force Base.

Last year the science outreach included 203 classes for 3,267 students and art outreach included 1,073 classes for 16,095 students.

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Education 2011
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