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June 3, 2008

Primaries pumped

Voter enthusiasm during primaries should carry on

Whatever the outcome of the last Democratic primaries Tuesday night, it certainly has been an interesting and informative ride so far for the presidential election season.

Conventional wisdom indicates Sen. Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee, winning over more delegates than Sen. Hillary Clinton. There are some super-delegates yet to commit, but most politicos and experts believe Obama will be the Democratic nominee. The numbers appear to support that conclusion.

This whole development has come as a shock to most Democrats, and particularly the Clintons, who expected Sen. Clinton to be the locked-in Democratic nominee.

Just as unusual is the fact the Republican Party, which has leaned heavily conservative the last decade or more, basically has nominated a very moderate to liberal Republican.

No matter the political affiliation, this presidential primary season has ushered in higher-than-usual voter registration numbers and primary voters. The close Democratic primary has meant more Democrats than ever have had a say in their nomination process. Usually, the nominations for both parties are locked up by this time.

We believe the more voters involved in the process, the better the process. We know it’s been contentious and divisive at times; yet, we applaud the fact this late in the game, primary voters still are being heard.

We hope the enthusiasm carries over to November. We hope the younger voters who have participated in the primaries follow through in November and have their final say. Even though this political season seems to have lasted forever, we encourage voters to continue to pay attention through the general election process.

We need more voter participation in November, and the best way to ensure that kind of enthusiasm is for voters to continue to be as informed as possible about the candidates.

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