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October 25, 2013

Money, it’s gotta be the … hair?

ENID, Okla. —

The shaved sides. The bleached Mohawk. The look hiding under the Longhorns’ helmets, one that also has caught on in Kingfisher and Hennessey, among others, started at Chisholm with with junior receiver Austin Swann.

But why?

Because high school, for one, but maybe something else?

“Okay, so like, last year I was in track, I was talking about it, and everybody was saying they were going to do it,” said Swann, whose own ’do has since evolved into a blueish, reddish, blonde extravaganza. “So I just went and had it done.”

Swann had previously tried the look, so he knew he could pull it off, he said. Though looking good -- relatively speaking, of course -- isn’t a certainty, added Swann, the resident expert.

“Darker hair, it just looks kind of skunky.”

That hasn’t stopped many. Running back Bryce Stewart and QB Taggart Brown (both dark-haired, by the way) have it, as do plenty who aren’t even on the football team.

“Within a couple weeks, there were like four or five people that did it, but now…” Swann said. “I see it in middle school and elementary, so that’s kind of cool.”

“(If I wasn’t Military) I’d definitely have it. I’d have gotten it done a long time ago,” said senior lineman Trevor Reed, who hasn’t been assimilated into the group, but only because his military responsibilities, not surprisingly, rule out the ’hawk.

So maybe not too much more than ‘just because’, but the stamp that started and remains indicative of membership or fandom of Chisholm’s football team, something that in the past haven’t been nearly the point of pride it is this season, isn’t hurting anything, so coach Joey Reinart isn’t complaining.

“Well, I’m glad that they’re showing a little bit of unity together, and doing those things like that. It’s something a lot of teams do. They want to be different, they want to show everybody that they belong on the football team, or whatever it is. I’m glad that kind of a football fever is kind of catching on,” Reinart said.

Even if he’s in no hurry to take on the look himself.

“I run from those things as fast as I can. I’m about as conservative as it gets with that stuff.”

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