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Daily record

May 8, 2014

Daily Record for 5-9-2014

ENID, Okla. — Police

April 24

• Brycin L. Venable, of Enid, reported on Thursday at 6:44 a.m., someone kicked his vehicle while it was parked at 2311 W. Willow. Estimated value, $810

• Weaber Neil Geiser, of Enid, 1 and 6 a.m. Thursday, someone entered his residence in the 2600 block of Jenny Lane. Prescription medication was missing and the gate leading to the back yard of the residence was forced open and the latch damaged. Also taken were two books of checks, a cellphone and the keys to his gray 2000 GMC Sierra 3/4 ton pickup displaying Oklahoma Tag 663DMB, which was also missing. Inside of the vehicle at the time of the theft were two heavy duty bumper jacks, a set of booster cables and a set of golf clubs. Estimated value, $9,000.

April 25

• Meghan Diener, of Enid, reported sometime between 10 p.m. Thursday and 8 a.m. Friday, someone entered her vehicle without permission while parked in the 1800 block of Hudson and took a jewelry box, a diamond necklace in the shape of a crown, a money clip with turquoise on the front, a white solid ring, an owl ring, miscellaneous medications and a purse with diapers inside. Estimated loss, $635.

• Chad Suttmiller, of Enid, reported sometime between 8 p.m. Thursday and 4:03 p.m. Friday, someone keyed his vehicle while it was parked in the 2100 block of North Van Buren. Estimated value, $501.

April 26

• James Warren, of Enid, reported sometime between midnight Friday and 8:04 a.m. Saturday, someone took his 2013 silver Ford Escape with Oklahoma tag 094LAG from the 1500 block of Indian. Inside the vehicle was a men’s Fossil watch, a beige/brown and beige/pink Coach purse, two car seats and T-ball equipment. Estimated value, $29,645.

• Bryson Lopez, of Enid, reported that sometime between 9 a.m. and noon on Saturday, someone entered his residence in the 700 block of West Oklahoma and took U.S. currency, a Sony PlayStation 3 and a purple HP laptop computer. Estimated value, $1,332.

April 27

• D&G Properties, located at 4221 Edgewood Drive, reported that between April 13 and April 27, someone damaged the porch posts to an address in the 500 block of West Oak. Estimated value, $1,000.

April 28

• Elizabeth Childs reported that between April 21 and April 28, someone took a Bond Arms handgun from a residence in the 100 block of south Cimarron. Estimated valuem $400.

• John Combest reported that someone entered his parked vehicle while in the 200 block of west Randolph and took an Eastman acoustic violin and case. Estimated value, $450.

April 29

• Michael Rhame reported that between 10:01 p.m. on Monday and 6:15 a.m. Tuesday, someone entered a Ford F-150, damaging its driver-side door, while it was parked in the 2500 block of east Oak. Rhame reported missing a Garmin GPS and currency. Estimated value, $460.

• Jody Bergman, of the 1100 block of North 12th, reported sometime between April 16 and 29, someone stole miscellaneous jewelry from her residence. Estimated value, $450.

April 30

• Robert Killam, of Enid, reported that between 10 a.m. on April 25 and 10:15 a.m. on April 28, someone stole his Dewalt circular saw, reciprocating saw and battery-powered hammer drill while it was at 1633 S. Jackson Ave. Estimated value, $500.

• Myra Ward, of Enid, reported that sometime between 10 p.m. April 17 and 8 a.m. April 20, someone took two unknown brand bicycles. Estimated value, $1,200.

May 1

• Gwen Emerson, of Enid, reported that between 8 a.m. on April 25 and 3:53 p.m. on May 1, someone stole four rings from her residence in the 1600 block of East Birch Ave. Estimated value, $400.

• Jake Raju, of Enid, reported that between 10 a.m. on April 25 and 9 p.m. on April 27, someone took a black front motorcycle fairing, a black left side motorcycle fairing, a black right side motorcycle fairing, four black interior fairing trims, a brake lever and a clutch lever. Estimated value, $999.

May 2

• Caleb Matthews, of Enid, reported that between 6 p.m. on May 1 and 8 a.m. on May 2, someone broke into his white 2009 GMC Sierra, parked at 2901 S. Van Buren, and took a colbalt blue Polymer toolbox, Skillsaw, Ryobi Brad nail gun, Ryobi 400 percent batteries, Ryobi jig saw, Dewalt grinder, Diyid drills, yellow tote, miscellaneous tools, Milwaukie hole saw, Ryobi charger, Ryobi impact drill, Ryobi clutch reill and Ryobi battery charger. Estimated value, $2,055.

Fire Alarms

April 24

• 3:19 a.m.: 5813 Red Rock Circle, medical assist.

• 6:53 a.m.: 1202 S. Hayes, medical assist.

• 8:08 a.m.: 5302 Parkwood, medical assist.

• 10:13 a.m.: 5505 W. Garriott, medical assist.

• 10:23 a.m.: 2429 W. Maine, power line down.

• 11:16 a.m.: 1713 Hudson Drive, medical assist.

• 12:52 p.m.: 2600 S. Van Buren, medical assist.

• 3:53 p.m.: 2801 Meadowlake Lane, medical assist.

• 4:54 p.m.: 1812 Leona Mitchell, building fire.

• 6:32 p.m.: 611 W. Wabash, municipal alarm system, malicious false alarm.

• 7:02 p.m.: 4901 Yorkshire Drive, false alarm or false call.

• 8:16 p.m.: 1402 Ritchie, medical assist.

• 10:32 p.m.: 701 W. Maine, natural vegetation fire, other.

April 25

• 3:46 a.m.: 4309 Rampart Drive, false alarm or false call.

• 6:42 a.m.: 2802 Partridge Lane, service call, other.

• 9:51 a.m.: 2905 W. Randolph, EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury.

• 11:39 a.m.: 5302 Parkwood, medical assist.

• 12:43 p.m.: 2600 E. Willow, medical assist.

• 12:51 p.m.: 100 S. Grand, motor vehicle accident with injuries.

• 5:19 p.m.: 5200 N. Washington, medical assist.

• 6:24 p.m.: 359 E. Hemlock, medical assist.

• 9:41 p.m.: 2106 E. Broadway, no incident found upon arrival at dispatch address.

• 10:07 p.m.: 5423 W. Garriott, unintentional transmission of alarm.

• 11:28 p.m.: 1817 Pawnee, rescue, EMS incident.

April 26

• 1:20 a.m.: 3119 W. Oklahoma, rescue, EMS incident.

• 3:23 a.m.: 1713 Hudson Drive, medical assist.

• 7:57 a.m.: 1713 Hudson Drive, person in distress, other.

• 8:11 a.m.: 1101 S. Van Buren, gasoline or other flammable liquid spill.

• 11:15 a.m.: 2105 Wilshire Drive, emergency medical service, other.

• 2:30 p.m.: 359 Hemlock, passenger vehicle fire.

• 2:53 p.m.: 712 E. Ash, medical assist.

• 3:53 p.m.: 5117 Parkwood, lock out.

• 4:08 p.m.: 2714 Heritage Trail, person in distress, other.

• 5:11 p.m.: 910 E. Randolph Ave., emergency medical service, other.

• 5:50 p.m.: 100 S. University Ave., smoke scare.

• 11:58 p.m.: 4121 S. Van Buren St., assist police or other governmental agency.

April 27

• 1:23 a.m.: 1710 W. Willow Rd., alarm system sounded due to malfunction.

• 2:09 a.m.: 2545 Everitt Dr., emergency medical service, other.

• 3:15 a.m.: 1137 E. Maple Ave., building fire.

• 4:02 a.m.: 354 E. Cedar Ave., medical assist.

• 6:21 a.m.: 2202 Sheryl Ann Ave., no incident found on arrival.

• 9:39 a.m.: 3002 N. Cleveland St., public service assistance.

• 6:38 p.m.: 2229 E. Walnut, grass fire.

• 7:07 pm.: 1000 S. Wheatridge, dispatched and canceled en route.

• 7:45 p.m.: 2525 N. Quincy, cooking fire confined to container.

• 9:36 p.m.: 10200 N. Garland, no incident found on arrival.

• 9:45 p.m.: 513 S. Harrison, no incident found on arrival.

April 28

• 3:25 a.m.: 125 E. Cherokee, medical assist, assist EMS crew.

• 5:15 a.m.: 501 Oak Dale, medical assist, assist EMS crew.

• 2:01 p.m.: 4700 W. Willow, lock-out.

April 29

• 1:58 a.m.: 201 S. 54th, alarm malfunction.

• 8:05 a.m.: 1302 Shady Oaks, medical assist.

• 8:19 a.m.: 2120 W. Oklahoma, good intent call, other.

• 8:49 a.m.: 2600 E. Willow, medical assist.

• 9:28 a.m.,: 4308 Rose Tree lane, system malfunction, other.

• 12:34 p.m.: 571 N. 10th, medical assist.

• 2:19 p.m.: 1845 Pawnee, person in distress, other.

• 3:08 p.m.: 2929 E. Randolph, smoke scare, odor of smoke.

• 4:27 p.m.: 3000 W. Carrier, grass fire.

• 7:47 p.m.: 5200 W. Purdue, outside rubbish, rash or waste fire.

• 8:47 p.m.: 415 W. Cherokee, medical assist.

• 10:10 p.m.: 605 E. Maple, medical assist.

• 11:46 p.m.: 4115 La Mesa, medical assist.

April 30

• 12:10 a.m.: 3706 King, smoke detector activation , no fire.

• 12:46 a.m.: 1410 W. Willow, medical assist.

• 1:04 a.m.: 2428 N. Quincy, person in distress, other.

• 8:12 a.m.: 611 W. Wabash, building fire.

• 8:49 a.m.: 1713 Hudson, person in distress, other.

• 12:57 p.m.: 1502 W. Willow, medical assist.

• 2:02 p.m.: 310 W. Garriott, medical assist.

• 3:51 p.m.: 1225 S. Cleveland St., emergency medical service.

• 4:30 p.m.: 2200 N. 4th St., power line down.

• 5:47 p.m.: 1225 S. Cleveland St., person in distress.

• 7:25 p.m.: 1121 E. Owen K Garriott Rd., emergency medical service.

• 9:16 p.m.: 1809 Live Oaks, smoke detector activation, no fire.

May 1

• 8:18 a.m.: 1225 S. Cleveland St., no incident found on arrival.

• 10:07 a.m.: 1721 E. Cedar Ave., dispatched and canceled en route.

• 10:57 a.m.: 330 S. 5th St., special outside fire.

• 11:34 a.m.: 507 S. Grand Ave., medical assist.

• 1:42 p.m.: 1014 N. 11th, medical assist.

• 2:01 p.m.: 1784 Denim, medical assist.

• 2:30 p.m.: 1121 E. Cherokee, medical assist.

• 3:07 p.m.: 520 E. Cherokee, helicopter landing assistance.

• 6:45 p.m.: 1713 Hudson, medical assist.

• 6:51 p.m.: 2221 E. Oak, medical assist.

• 7:48 p.m.: 1713 Hudson, public service assistance.

• 8:49 p.m.: 309 N. 16th, medical assist.

• 9:28 p.m.: 1121 E. Cherokee, medical assist.

• 9:42 p.m.: 410 N. 30th, medical assist.

May 2

• 10:55 a.m.: 4213 Oakcrest, medical assist.

• 1:19 p.m.: 510 N. 30th, medical assist.

• 1:54 p.m.: 4913 W. Garriott, vehicle accident.

• 2:26 p.m.: 730 S. 9th, electrical problem.

• 2:31 p.m.: 1428 E. Broadway, medical assist.

• 3:21 p.m.: 1152 E. Cypress, medical assist.

• 4:35 p.m.: 1304 E. Cypress, medical assist.

• 6:18 p.m.: 930 E. Cherokee, medical assist.

• 6:53 p.m.: 4125 W. Garriott, vehicle fire.

• 7:15 p.m.: 2712 Rock Island, no incident found.

• 7:24 p.m.: 1817 Graham, unintentional alarm.

• 7:25 p.m.: 508 S. Harrison, public service.

• 7:27 p.m.: 2813 Partridge, medical assist.

• 10:05 p.m.: 2529 N. Madison, flammable liquid.

May 3

• 3:03 a.m.: 1914 E. Eucalyptus, medical assist.

• 4:23 a.m.: 2905 Mt. Vernon, medical assist.

• 9:18 a.m.: 4702 W. Garriott, unintentional alarm.

• 10:41 a.m.: 1910 Mosher, trash bin fire.

• 12:10 p.m.: 429 Chisholm Creek, emergency medical service, other.

• 12:28 p.m.: 3005 W. Owen K Garriott Rd., medical assist.

• 3:13 p.m.: 1217 E. Owen K Garriott Rd., medical assist.

• 11:13 p.m.: 1214 S. 2nd St., medical assist.

• 11:53 p.m.: 913 Sunnybrook Ln., person in distress.

May 4

• 12:24 a.m.: 1224 W. Oklahoma Ave., building fire.

• 12:55 a.m.: 3000 E. Southgate Rd., motor vehicle accident with no injuries.

• 2:38 a.m.: 2411 S. Cleveland St., dispatched and canceled en route.

• 2:33 p.m.: 1040 Indian Terrace, arcing, shorted electrical equipment.

• 2:37 p.m.: 3321 N. Fourth, grass fire.

• 3:44 p.m.: 1416 E. Robertson, good intent call, other.

• 4:51 p.m.: 1513 Chickasaw, medical assist.

• 4:59 p.m.: 3009 Forestridge, medical assist.

• 6:43 p.m.: 4110 W. Garriott, medical assist.

• 8:43 p.m.: 3000 E. Market, recreational fire.

• 8:36 p.m.: 5505 W. Garriott, medical assist.

May 5

• 3:40 a.m.: 905 Wildoak, medical assist.

• 6:28 a.m.: 4006 Oakcrest, medical assist.

• 8:02 a.m.: 3217 N. Wheatridge, medical assist.

• 9:03 a.m.: 415 W. Cherokee, medical assist.

• 10:30 a.m.: 2929 E. Randolph, special outside fire, other.

• 1:24 p.m.: 1209 N. 30th, outside storage fire.

• 1:24 p.m.: 4300 E. Garriott, brush fire.

May 6

• 4:13 a.m.: 3000 E. Chestnut, outside storage fire.

Municipal Court

Seat belt ordinance, April 16-22, $20

• Destinie Jade Newman, Moore; Tony Ray Clark, Enid; Joseph Grady Lamerton, Enid; Bradley Bland, Oklahoma City; Brandon Loren Jarvis, Enid; Aaron T. Stewart, Enid; Jessie Rae Schwandt, Stillwater; Cody W. Tutwiler, Enid; Casey B. Green, Enid; Emerson Jedidiah Lamar Prim, Enid; Jessie Rae Schwandt, Stillwater; David Ortega Benites, Enid; Joshua Randall Glitsch, Enid; Tiffany renee Rayburn, Waukomis; David Ortega Benites, Enid; Michael Roy Bartlett, Waukomis; Kerry Don Latta, Enid; Erica Launday, Enid; Mark William Mitchell, Enid; Cody W. Root, Enid; Joshua Clint Fielder, Enid; Byrin M. Carr, Enid; Tonya Lynn Miller, Enid; Justin W. Boyd, Enid; Stephen Oliver Osborn, Covington; Christopher Joe Rush, Enid; Tevis Dale Lounsbury, Enid; Steven L. Gannon, Kremlin; Jamie S. Morris, Enid; Tyler Braeden Callaway, Enid; Mark Andrew Richards, Enid.

Speeding, April 16-22, $104

• Travis Alan Bradshaw, Burlington; Micah Shawn Elliott, Enid; William K. Breneman, Altamont, Kan.; Theresa Maria Duran, Medford, Org.; Kelsea Lanelle Walker, Enid; Shelley E. Guthrie, Enid; Blanca Yanina Yanez, Enid; Julia T. Diaz, Enid; Jonnie Opal Swinea, Enid; Calvin R. Forbess, Enid; John Wilson Lipsey, Enid; Nathan R. Bowen, Enid; Morgan Scott Knauss, Enid; Emily Mavis Suzaneth Rios, Enid; Stormy D. Cover, Enid; Mary E. Smith, Enid; Martha Isabel Frerichs-Marsh, Enid; Boston Tanner Fausett, Enid; Lacey Jae Lockwood, Enid; Alfred Baldwin III, Enid; Mary Cancellara Plastereer, Beaver Springs, Pa.; Myjha Lynn Reim, Enid; Richard Gene Swart, Hennessey; Christina Nicole Evans, Garland, Texas; Joseph Allen Floriant, Enid; Kirstin Wray Quintana, Spokane, Wash.; Guy B. Curttright, Edmond; Charles Chase Heath, Oklahoma City; Sasha Monic Pettigrew, Perry; Cheyenne Autumm Wiley, Newalla; Lisa Susan Weaver, Enid; Erica Janes Wichert, Enid; Kenneth M. Dennett, Enid; Katherine D. Alexander, Enid; Pablo Jose Ruiz-Carrillo, Enid; John B. Eitzen, Fairview; Johnathan G. Westland, Enid; Joshua Paul McKown, Mustang; Grant Clinton Cummings, Coyle; Randy James Brockman Jr., Carroll, Iowa; Austin Fain, Austin, Texas; Ashley G. Moore, Enid; Jared Tanner Garrett, Woodward; John W. Waken, Enid; James Clinton Simpson, Shreveport, La.; John Howard Roberson Jr., Shawnee; Tyler B. Whitehead, Enid; Heather M. Killam, Enid; John Franklin Petree, Taloga; Louisa Marie Ramirez, Blackwell; LaDonna Faye Wisel, Lahoma; Christine Elizabeth thomas, McAlester; Nathan Lynn Adams, Neosho, Mo.; Peggy Lynn Cates, Medford.

Speeding, April 16-22, $154

• Kyle James Guettler, Dayton, Texas; Brian Douglas Kellione, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Desmond Alan Harless, Stillwater; Robert Moody, Enid; Margarita Villagomez, Enid; Anthony Eugene Conner Jr., Oklahoma City; Joshua Ray Hill, Copan; Randy Wayne Nunley, Enid; Elizabeth Banks, Enid; Oral D. Daugherty Jr., Fairview; Katelynn N. Bennett, Edmond.

Other violations, April 16-22

• Alfrredo Villalobos, Enid, careless driving, $254.

• Veronica Horstman, Enid, animals running loose, $254.

• Mylissa L. Smith, Enid, animals running loose, $254.

• Tracy L. Nelson, Enid, driving under suspension, $189.

• Raul Mora, enid, driving under suspension, $189.

• Anthony Eugene Conner Jr., Oklahoma City, driving under suspension, $154.

• Aneo Hermine, Enid, driving without valid license, $154.

• Tammy Lynn Holt, Enid, failed to yield right-of-way, $154.

• Timothy Scott Hammons, Enid, failed to yield right-of-way, $154.

• Jerome M. Dilling Jr., Enid, failed to yield right-of-way, $154.

• Dustin Allen Gilmore, Enid, failure to appear, $589.

• Anastacio Reyes, Boise City, failure to appear, $354.

• Edward Charles Thompson, Arlington, Texas, failure to appear, $344.

• Eric Russell Breckner, Edmond, failure to appear, $544.

• Erin Shaw, Morrison, failure to appear, $549.

• Destinie Jade Newman, Moore, failure to appear, $354.

• Ariane Christine Baitinger, Enid, failure to appear, $554.

• Kyle Wayne Krejci, Enid, failure to appear, $554; failure to appear, $554.

• Kyle James Guettler, Dayton, Texas, failure to appear, $589.

• Brian Douglas Kellione, Colorado Springs, Colo., $589.

• James Earl Davis, El Reno, failure to comply, $554.

• Dennis K. Hutcherson, Enid, failure to comply, $589.

• Heather Elaine Maly, Enid, failure to comply, $554.

• John Douglass Richard Combs, Enid, failure to comply, $554.

• Lindsey Nicole Nightengale, Enid, failure to comply, $554.

• Tracy L. Nelson, Enid, failure to devote attention, $154.

• Brandon Michael Williams, Enid, failure to devote attention, $154.

• Jasmine Elizabeth Zuniga, Enid, failure to devote attention, $154.

• Heather Dawn Moody, Enid, failure to obey lawful order, 4154.

• Eric Russell Breckner, Edmond, improper equipment, $94.

• Kelsie Rachelle Pitts, Enid, improper equipment, $154.

• Roy D. Adams, Enid, improper equipment, $154.

• Mary Frances Rumph, Enid, improper lane use, $154.

• Elda Martinez, Enid, inoperative vehicle, $154.

• Ariane Christine Baitinger, Enid, invalid license tag, $154.

• Tony Ray Clark, Enid, invalid license tag, $154.

• Toby Tovaughn Turner, Enid, invalid license tag, $154.

• Jeremiah Micheal Dubiel, Waynoka, invalid license tag, $154.

• Jessica Loren Underwood, Enid, method of turning right, $154.

• Dylan W. Cowan, Enid, no passing zones, $154.

• Kyle Wayne Krejci, Enid, petit larceny, $554.

• Travis Edward Morow, Holdenville, public intoxication, $159.

• Mandel James Lawrence, Enid, public intoxication, $174.

• Roberto Portillo Britc Jr., Enid, running stop light, $154.

• Jenetta Mae Wilson, Enid, running stop light, $154.

• Alma Anna Bennett, Sawyer, running stop light, $154.

• Robert Alan Meigs, Yukon, running stop light, $154.

• Mark Griffin II, Enid/Amarillo, running stop sign, $154.

• Caleb Scott Humphrey, Enid, running stop sign, $154.

• Destinie Jade Newman, Moore, no insurance verification, $154.

• Eric Russell Breckner, Edmond, no insurance verification, $144.

• Anthony Eugene Conner Jr., Oklahoma City, no insurance verification, $154.

• Edward Charles Thompson, Arlington, Texas, speeding, $80.

• Erin Shaw, Morrison, speeding, $99.

• Kyle Wayne Krejci, Enid, trespassing on public property, $154.

• Robin Marie Eckert, Carrier, vehicle entering highway, $154.

Seat belt ordinance, April 23-29, $20

• Weston K. Dent, Enid; Weston K. Dent, Enid; Jack Monte Roland, Enid; Kellie Denice Burton, Goltry; Mary Ellen Tidball, Enid; Taylor Lynn Davis Billings, Enid; Jennier Rene Kennedy, Fairview; Jordan Andrew Cranfield, Enid; Samantha Lynn Stiers, Enid; Ashton Michelle Schmidt, Enid; Ariel Stephani Smith, Enid; Chad Michael E.F. Zweifel, Enid; Tiffany Anne Hawk, Loyal; Michael W. Spears, Franklinton, La.; Haskell Rowan Henson, Enid; Darren Daniel Dolci, Enid; Carl H. Akin, Enid; Hunter F. Fleckenstein, Enid; Samuel Lopez, Enid; Marvin G. Wallace, Enid; Christopher B. Ganz, Enid; Megan Leigh Cox, Enid; Noel Edward Blaser Jr., Billings; Douglas Dean Koehn, Goltry; Cameron James Palone, Enid; BenjamenJ. Ward, Kansas City; Blake B. Barber, Enid; shane Tyler Mullen, Enid; John Leon Ware, Enid; Jacqueline M. Nance, Enid; Anthony Jay Nail, Kingfisher; Kevin Wade Patterson, Enid; Alton C. Golightly, Enid; Jimmy Lee Knox, Enid; Preston W. Stevens, Waukomis; Stephen Shane Clark, Enid; Lou Ann Burdg, Enid; Fidel Cruz-Fuentes, Enid; Dellsy Alvarez Salgado, Enid; Chad Everett Guy, Wilburton; Wanda Louise Buckley, Enid; Paula Eileen Howard, Enid; Lee Newton Roberts, Wakita; Russell A. Wilson, Enid; Dan Patrick Denney, Tulsa; Jarod A. Wells, Enid; Mikel Lee Vendetti, Enid; Tyler R. Decker, Enid; Leroy John Markes, Enid; Shane Austin Smith, Enid; Victor Delbert Willis, Enid; Ken Ray Devereaux, Enid; Joseph D. Lucas, Isabella; Mellisa Jane Delaney, Enid; Christine Ann Clifton, Enid; Jacqueline M. Nance, Enid; Kendra Arnold, Enid; Marvin G. Wallace, Enid; Richard Allen Jr. Morgan, Kingfisher; Taylor M. Reed, Enid.

Speeding, April 23-29, $104

• Scott Alan Jones, Enid; Gene Edward Miiller, Enid; Anastacio Reyes, Boise City; Jordan David Epps, Enid; Franklin Dean Hickey, Woodward; Nicolas Martinez-Gomez, Enid; Kelsey Jaye Newby, Enid; Alaina Marie Ballard, Enid; Pamela Raymonda Hess, Alva; Tammy Lynn Watkins, Carrier; Zachary Ryan Willig, Enid; Summer S. McKay, Hennessey; Andrew Kenneth Hansen, Enid; Hunter F. Fleckenstein, Enid; Delores F. Morales, Enid; Brody S. Ronistal,  North Enid; Cindy renee Forsgren, Crescent; Patricia A. Underwood, Edmond; Basilia Holguin-Deramos, Hennessey; Jerry Dozier Brumfield, Sulphur Springs, Texas; Janice McCollum Stafford, Wichita Falls, Texas; Rebecca Lyn Robinette, Waukomis; Ernie Don Rogers, Hennessey; William Justin Wright, Enid; Christopher Wagon, Dodge City, Ind.; Andrew Henning Wardel III, Enid; Jory Lee Dick, Enid; Paula J. Huddle, Tulsa; Gilbert Eddy Baca, Villanueva, N.M.; William Michael Norwood, Okmulgee; Kizell Brown III, Ada; Sharkawy Omar, Broken Arrow; William Don Davis, Lewisville, Texas; Anne R. Abernethy, Enid; Kayla D. Wheeler, Covington; Trevor L. Leffingwell, Kingfisher; Charles Lane Blanton, Jones; Michael J. White, Mansfield, Texas; Meng Ding, Stillwater; Kegan M. Tuohy, Stillwater; David Lynn Turner, Perkins; Jeromy Patton Hughes, Enid; Randy A. Bates, Alvarado, Texas; Jose Miguel Garcia, Enid; Douglas A. Roberson, Sharpsburg, Ga.; Joelle K. Good, Haysville, Kan.; Diana Kathryn Mack, Lucien; Joey Glen Hickey, Longdale; Gordon C. Kerr, Hennessey;  Kevin Martin O’Brien, Gage; Gary Paul Tyree, Alva; Richard Ficarelli, Enid; Ian Charles Smith, Fort Shaw, Mont.; Joe A. Weve, Hazelton, Kan.; Michael E. Shuffield, Norman; Sierra Nicole Granger, Enid; Courtney Michelle Mowry, Oklahoma City; William John Hickey, Marathon, Fla.

Speeding in construction zone, April 23-29, $154

• Rebecca H. Reilly, Enid; Natalie Nicole Hess, Enid; Kevin Wade Patterson, Enid; Roxie Marie Patterson, Kingfisher; Shane Austin Smith, Enid; Austin Ray Cato, Bartlesville; Misty Sue Pollet, Oaks; Veronica Patricia Marquez, Enid; Patrick Henry Base, Hollister, Mo.; Sara A. Butterfield, Sand Springs; Tony M. Shaw, Enid; Amy Michele Green, Talala; Michael Don Cooper, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Denise Janet Murphy, Ozark, Mo.; Toby John Carmichael, Mustang; Alan Ray Nagel, Edmond; Michael Stanley Summers, Edmond; Eugene Lyle Kaiser, Enid; David Wesley Nungester, Pawnee; Nicholas Wade Horton, Crescent; Brian Dean Barnett; Erick Gene Goodman III, Cleveland.

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