The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

July 16, 2011

Police, fire, municipal court published 7-17-11

Enid News and Eagle


July 9

• Phyllis Blaser, 3000 block of Oakridge, reported July 7-8, someone entered her house and took three gold and diamond rings. Estimated value, $1,900.

July 10

• Steven Kent Rust, 4300 block of Shady Lane, reported 12:01 a.m. June 1 to 8:30 p.m. July 10 someone entered his vehicle and took a car stereo. Estimated value, $450.


• Sandra Sparks, 900 block of N. 11th, reported 3:35 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. July 13 someone broke out the windows of a vehicle. Estimated damage, $2,700.


• City of Enid, 1500 W. Poplar, reported 7:30-8 a.m. Thursday July 14 someone took a weed eater from the overpass. Estimated value, $600.

• Joseph Louis Jordot, 500 block of North 8th, reported 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. July 9 someone took a gold chain with pendant cross and cash. Estimated value, $1,053.

• Lance M. Pruitt, 3200 block of Dwelle, reported 3-6 p.m. Wednesday someone entered a storage unite at 1819 S. Van Buren and took two push mowers. Estimated value, $1,500.


• Julie Avila, 1800 block of Mosher, reported 4:30 a.m. to 12:19 p.m. Friday someone spray-painted and flattened two tires on a vehicle. Estimated damage, $800.


July 9

• 7:56 a.m.: 606 N. Harrison, assist police.

• 12:40 p.m.: 8600 S. Cleveland, canceled.

• 3:43 p.m.: 2805 E. Pine, medical assist.

• 3:55 p.m.: 300 W. Willow, accident.

• 5:24 p.m.: 715 W. Cherry, medical assist.

• 9:40 p.m.: 1834 E. Cedar, medical assist.

• 10:09 p.m.: 3002 N. Cleveland, medical assist.

July 10

• 12:51 a.m.: 901 S. Jefferson, EMS call.

• 4:50 a.m.: 3002 N. Cleveland, assist.

• 6:29 a.m.: 111 N. La Mesa, medical assist.

• 9:50 a.m.: 4125 W. Garriott, arcing/shorted electrical equipment.

• 10:02 a.m.: 824 W. Oklahoma, medical assist.

• 5:46 p.m.: 1226 W. Ash, grass fire.

• 10:22 p.m.: 1502 Willow, medical assist.


• 12:47 a.m.: 3100 W. Willow, accident with no injuries.

• 1:37 a.m.: 2718 W. Cherokee, EMS call.

• 5:05 a.m.: 413 Rosanne, assist.

• 6:19 a.m.: 1900 N. Van Buren, medical assist.

• 8:59 a.m.: 1205 Briar Creek, medical assist.

• 9:30 a.m.: 4614 Skyline, medical assist.

• 10:31 a.m.: 1006 Sunset, medical assist.

• 11:20 a.m.: 717 Central, medical assist.

• 11:46 a.m.: 210 E. Cedar, medical assist.

• 12:12 p.m.: 1805 W. Garriott, no incident found.

• 12:57 p.m.: 313 S. Mission, medical assist.

• 1:24 p.m.: 717 E. Elm, gas leak.

• 1:49 p.m.: 323 N. Independence, unintentional alarm.

• 2:16 p.m.: 1014 N. 11th, medical assist.

• 4:01 p.m.: 1110 Lookout, medical assist.

• 5:05 p.m.: 2002 W. Cherokee, medical assist.

• 5:33 p.m.: 1518 S. Jefferson, medical assist.

• 6:41 p.m.: 301 S. Grand, overheated motor.

• 9:37 p.m.: 324 E. KB Johnson, medical assist.

• 11:44 p.m.: 500 E. Randolph, vehicle accident.


• 1:46 a.m.: 1502 W. Willow, medical assist.

• 3:15 a.m.: 902 E. Randolph, medical assist.

• 9:47 a.m.: 520 E. Cherokee, medical assist.

• 11:12 a.m.: 715 W. Elm, medical assist.

• 11:34 p.m.: 817 W. Maine, medical assist.

• 2:46 p.m. 2506 N. Jefferson, overheated motor.

• 4:00 p.m.: 2300 N. Van Buren, vehicle accident.

• 5:13 p.m.: 516 N. Independence, false alarm.

• 5:16 p.m.: 1213 Hilltop, lightning strike.

• 5:48 p.m.: 1100 N. Grand, arcing/shorted electrical equipment.

• 6:50 p.m.: 221 S. 30th, medical assist.

• 10:26 p.m.: 707 W. Randolph, medical assist.

• 10:59 p.m.: 614 S. 4th, medical assist.


• 7:15 a.m.: 1200 N. 54th, unintentional alarm.

• 8:14 a.m.: 3706 King, smoke or odor removal.

• 9:39 a.m.: 2609 Whippoorwill, no incident found.

• 9:49 a.m.: 900 W. Moore, gas leak.

• 9:59 a.m.: 3002 W. Chestnut, medical assist.

• 12:57 p.m.: 3225 E. Randolph, medical assist.

• 1:37 p.m.: 3905 La Mesa, medical assist.

• 4:19 p.m.: 2719 W. Chestnut, medical assist.

• 8:42 p.m.: 2217 Constitution, medical assist.


• 1:09 a.m.: 1225 S. Cleveland, rescue, EMS incident.

• 1:16 a.m.: 2813 Sage, medical assist.

• 4:10 a.m.: 3002 N. Van Buren, police matter.

• 7:15 a.m.: 2019 Indian, rescue, EMS.

• 10:31 a.m.: 1719 Surrey, medical assist.

• 4:21 p.m.: 2401 E. Maine, medical assist.

• 6:35 p.m.: 2314 Acorn, brush or grass fire.

• 7:30 p.m.: 1314 N. Garland, medical assist.

• 8:01 p.m.: 1600 W. Chestnut, smoke or odor removal.

• 8:29 p.m.: 2614 W. Oklahoma, EMS call.


• 12:28 a.m.: 200 E. Maple, system malfunction, other.

• 9:19 a.m.: 2521 W. Oklahoma, medical assist.

• 10:32 a.m.: 1600 W. Chestnut, building fire.

• 1:24 p.m.: 610 S. Cleveland, medical assist.

• 1:31 p.m.: 1410 Ponca, light ballast.

• 1:37 p.m.: 2100 E. Maple, police matter.

• 2:16 p.m.: 1724 S. Van Buren, no incident found.

• 2:46 p.m.: 2805 N. Emerson, medical assist.

• 3:28 p.m.: 2622 E. Pine, brush fire.

• 6:00 p.m.: 2513 Dans Court, grass fire.

• 7:09 p.m.: 1318 E. Randolph, medical assist.

• 7:26 p.m.: 2101 E. Walnut, medical assist.

• 8:23 p.m.: 520 E. Cherokee, helicopter landing area assistance.


• 3:03 a.m.: 719 N. 9th, building fire.

• 3:15 a.m.: 1410 S. Jefferson, rescue, EMS incident.


Seat belt ordinance, $20

• Wei Chen, Enid; Lloyd Eugene Fore, Enid; Tyler A. Prock, Garber; J.J. Joe Hernandez, Enid; Jessica E. Koponen, Billings; Daniel Lewis Minter, Enid; Ashley Jackson, Enid; David Baldwin, Enid; Kyle D. Duke, Enid; Gina Leigh Yohe, Enid; Krystal Barber, Enid; William J. Webb, Enid; Ryan Courtney Barnes, Enid; Robert A. Dodson, Enid; Jake E. Marquez, Enid; Katherine D. Alexander, Enid; Nancy Lee Hilterbrand, Enid; Ricky Lynn Glover, Enid; Kenneth Martin Keith, Enid; Jerry Delan Schultz, Enid; Sarah A. Baldwin, Enid; Lucas Lokboj, Enid; Calvin Lynn Carr, Enid; Andra D. Lunceford, Enid; Jose E. Trejo, Meno; Barbara Moore, Ringwood; Lisa G. White, Enid; Hannah Williams, Enid; James W. Edmison, Enid; Leanna K. Headlee, Enid; Shannon R. Kinsey, Enid; Kylee Dawn Duncan, Enid; Alexander Kalin Jarabek, Enid; Felicia Haley, Enid; Joanna L. File, Enid; Justin Scott, Enid; Nathan Chartier, Enid; Floyd Jasper Young, Enid; William E. Gentry, Sand Springs; Scott Messenger, Enid; Michelle L. Lain, Enid; Fabiola Mona, Enid; Brian Lang Funkhouser, Enid; Michelle Murphy-Abercrombie, Enid; Casie Dell Gilmore, Enid; William B. Underwood, Enid; Steven M. Finch, Enid; Franklin L. Snow, Enid; Kristin T. Harger, Enid; Jason R. Williams, Enid; Shea D. Poage, Lahoma; Amanda Bwilles, Enid; Harold W. Montgomery, Seiling; Brandon L. Fetters, Pond Creek; Vickie M. Roades, Waukomis; William Gilmore, Braman; Matthew Hall, Enid; Dana Niles Barber, Enid; James J. Olson, Enid; Russell E. Flock, Enid; Jarod Wells, Enid; Natisha Miller, Enid; Brianna Mae Willson, Enid; Jack Coldiron, Enid; Caleb Eugene Holden, Enid; Julie L. Hoffman, Garber; Christina G. Staley, Enid; Derek Williams, Enid; Christopher James King, Enid; Barbara A. Sutherlin, Enid; Howard D. McCoy, Ringwood; Shirley A. McCoy, Ringwood; Richard T. Atkinson, Enid; Chris McMullen, Enid; Matthew D. Stearman, Enid; Bud Conyers, Enid; Colby Allen Bell, Enid; Mary Fife, Enid; Lucille Terry, Blackwell; Jason J. Taylor, Enid; Brittany Young, Stigler; Adreanne Dawn Wheeler; Clarissa Ritchie, Enid; James E. Paine, Enid; Erica Prim, Oklahoma City; Walter Lagates, Enid; Walter Lagates, Enid; Jerry C. Schmidt, Enid; Matthew Winfield, Enid; Leta L.  Terrell, Lamont; John Terrell, Lamont; Emily P. Horner, Enid; Kristi Sue Elsberry, Enid; Stacey Carroll, Enid; Roy Lee Tucker, Covington; Jerome J.  Joyner, Enid.

Other violations

• Corey Lynn Smith, Enid, license tag, $144; license tag, $144; driving under suspension, $144; and failure to appear, $544.

• Jessica Meeds, Enid, speeding, $238.

• Sean Christopher Barney, Enid, improper equipment, $163.

• Tibon Timisen, Enid, failure to comply, $544.

• Drew Charles Corrigan, Enid, public intoxication, $313.

• Heather S. Webber, Enid, petty larceny (twice), $1,088 and $544.

• Chelcey Deann Richardson, Enid, public intoxication, $194.

• Gerardo Villalando, Enid, noises prohibited from vehicle, $144.

• Missy Lynn Murphy, Enid, animals running loose, $244.

• Alishia A. Evans, Enid, improper equipment, $94.

• Bruce Gene McNamara, Enid, improper lane use, $144.

• Casey Lee, Enid, petty larceny, $544.

• Bobby Joe Schoonover, Enid, failure to comply, $544.

• Leora Bernie Thesman, Enid, driving left of center, $144.

• Kristy Lei Krejci, Enid, signal approach of train, $144.

• Tibon Timisen, Enid, driving under suspension, $144.

• Oscar A. Coronado, Enid, failure to yield right-of-way, $144.

• Oscar A. Coronado, Enid, driving without license, $144.

• Kimberly Sue Myers, Enid, public intoxication, $194.

• Barry Lee Patton, Enid, public intoxication, $194.

• Spencer A. Young, Enid, public intoxication, $194.

• Selvin D. Coyoy, Enid, running stop sign, $144.

• Lori N. Valles, Enid, parking time limitation, $10.

• Phillip A. Snowden, Enid, speeding in school zone, $194.

• Michelle Murphy-Abercrombie, Enid, failure to comply, $544.

• Diana Marie Young, Enid, failure to license animal, $144, and animals running loose, $244.

• Raymond Martinez Jr., Enid, storage/parking motor vehicles, $144.

• Pauline Dae Ninness, Enid, obtaining service without authority, $544.

• Elizabeth Anne Kerl, Enid, failure to comply, $544.

• Terrance Michael Dean Mathis, Enid, driving under suspension, $144.

• Devon Jordan, Enid, petty larceny, $544.

• Mark L. Atterson, Enid, obedience to traffic control, $144.

• Kaci Beth Smith, Enid, petty larceny, $544.

• Corey James Conrady, Enid, failure to comply, $144.

• Emy Setyawati, Enid, failure to yield right-of-way, $144.

• Orlando Lee Orosco, Enid, public intoxication, $194.

• Alfredo Rodriguez, Enid, driving without license, $144, and no insurance verification, $144.

• Brandy Michelle Walker, Enid, public intoxication, $194.

• Kevin Scott Fenwick, Enid, driving without license, $144.

• Junior George, Enid, failure to yield/emergency vehicle, $144.

• Christopher J. Apgar, Shawnee, following too close, $144.

• Emily D. Parks, Enid, limitation on backing, $144.

• Jimmy P. Resendiz, Enid, animals running loose, $144.

• Diana Marie Young, Enid, failure to appear, $544.

• James C. Hollifield, Newkirk, failure to devote attention, $144.

• James Elbert Thornal, Enid, public intoxication, $194.

• Rueben Gerone Ceballos, Enid, public intoxication, $194.

• Gavin S. Langley, Enid, limitation on backing, $144.

• Dana Niles Barber, Enid, improper equipment, $94.

• Jessica Reyes, Enid, failure to yield right-of-way, $144.

• Robert Lewis Heard II, Enid, improper equipment, $94; failure to appear, $244.

• Candyce L. Bradford, Enid, failure to devote attention, $144.

• Derek Williams, Enid, no child restraint, $94.

• Andrea K. Johnson, Enid, failure to devote attention, $144.

• Nathan Morris Dickson, Enid, driving without license, $144.

• Rodney Douglas Casey, Enid, animals running loose, $338.

• Lisa A. Ward, Lavern, failure to comply, $544.

• Calvin Lamont Glasco, Enid, failure to comply, $544.

• Daniel R. Semrad, Enid, running red light, $144.

• Kimberly D. Kitzman, Enid, public intoxication, $194.

• Calvin Lamont Glasco, Enid, public intoxication, $194.

• Darrel G. Rose Jr., Enid, no insurance verification, $144, and failure to appear, $544.

• Lucille Terry, Blackwell, failure to appear, $544.

• Jack Anthony Morrow, Enid, failure to comply, $544.

• Levi Avant Moore, Enid, no insurance verification, $144.

• Ladee Marie Hager, Enid, license tag, $120.

• Michael Arthur Everett, Enid, animals running loose, $244.

• Clanton Abija, Enid, driving under suspension, $244.

• Larry Len Higgins, Enid, driving under suspension, $144.

• Donald Webb, Enid, impeding traffic, $144, and driving without license, $144.

• Giovanni Cuellar, Enid, stopping in specified places, $25, and driving without license, $144.

• Juan Carlos Ramirez-Fuentes, Tulsa, driving without license, $144.

• Levi Avant Moore, Enid, failure to appear, $544.

• Pamela S. Pheatt, Fairview, petty larceny, $544.

• Malia Warnock, Enid, improper equipment, $94.

• Hilena D. Roche, Enid, limitation on backing, $144.

• Harold V. McKittrick, Anderson, S.C., improper lane use, $144.

• Ladee Marie Hager, Enid, failure to appear, $344.

• Arturo Santos Herrera, Carrollton, Texas, running red light, $144, and driving without license, $144.

• Carol Hicks, Enid, running red light, $144.

• Candice Marie Buchanan, Enid, driving left of center, $144.

• Christina Marie Lange, Enid, failure to comply, $344.

• Melvin Key, Enid, speeding, $100.

• Crystal Renee Thomas, Enid, driving under suspension, $144.

• Rebecca Wilkins, Enid, storage/parking motor vehicles, $144.

• Joseph Evan Osborne, Enid, animals running loose, $244.

• Dalton Wade Childs, Hennessey, improper equipment, $94.

• Damien Domnick, Enid, failure to appear, $544, and providing false information, $544.

• Angela Jean Baker, Enid, failure to comply, $544.

• Thomas Alexander Baker III, Enid, failure to comply, $544.

Speeding, $144

• Sharon Renee Crow Scates, Medford; Travis Everly, Enid; Mitchell H. Streich, Goltry; Russewll Earl Ingram, Lahoma; Clayton J. Corbit, Muldrow; Kelli C. Lagan, Enid; Samantha Hicks, Enid; Nathan D. Rummel, Enid; Falen R. Payne, Enid; Jacquetta Lynn Perry, Enid; Agatha D. Bowen, Hillsdale; Jonathan M. Higginbottom, Enid; Lori D. Bowden, Carmen; Donna Doyle, Enid; Mark J. West, Enid; Daryl W. Majowitz, Enid; Judy G. Mann, Yale; Juan Carlos Ramirez-Fuentes, Tulsa; Jack T. Lorenz, Edmond; Holly R. Koehn, Enid; Donald Lee Culver, Enid; Damien Domnick, Enid; Roy Lee Tucker, Covington; Jennifer A. Arnold, Wichita, Kan.; Jarred Lynn Willey, Enid; Trenton Horst, Piedmont.

Speeding, $94

• De Rodriguez Silvia Torres, Ringwood; Hector Adam Herrera, Enid; Jeffrey H. Bollman, Bison; Michael S. Mason, Guthrie; Andrew McCord, Comanche; Jerry Arland Parrish, Hennessey; Humberto Vega, Enid; Annette M. Phillips, Enid; Eric W. Cannell, Enid; Nathan Eli Gonzales, Enid; Dennis N. Holmes, Dover; Lester B. Thomas, Cantonment, Fla.; Cody Allen Metcalfe, Tulsa; Shay A. Unruh, Enid; Candas L. Miller, Enid; Bradley Frazier, Chouteau; Travis Noble, Miami, Texas; Edduin Casanova, Broken Arrow; Kathy M. Duerden, Enid; Mary J. Reinhart, Enid; Amie Burch, Edmond; Stephanie R. Davis, Enid; Ashley N. Bynum, Oklahoma City; Jorge Rosales, Enid; Catherine S. Whiteside, Enid; Mark G. Lockwood, Enid; Palina Scott, Enid; Larry W. Brown, Coweta; Kenneth R. Bellar, Enid; Alfredo Rodriguez, Enid; Clinton D. Linder, Oklahoma City; Norman Victor Scott, Enid; Christa Cash, Owasso; Fernando Delgadillo, Enid; Miry D. Fierro, Enid; Harold S. Tully, Stillwater; Diedra R. Williamson, Enid; Cheryl A. Reyes, Enid; Kandy Elaine Trojan, Bison; Rebekah Joy King, Enid; Gerald Bastiani, Enid; Terrie Leew Skinner, Enid; Jeffrey Alan Washburn, Enid; James Lynn Kretchmar, Enid; Christopher Roberts, Enid; Johnny Lee Houston, Enid; John Huff, Enid; Debra Jordan, Enid; George Jones, Pond Creek; Tanner Jade Odean Bell, Enid; Brian R. Pafford, Hennessey; Catherine Jo Westbrook, Enid; Clanton Abija, Enid; Aimee R. Snyder, Ponca City; Katherine Allen, Perry; Sammi S. Sheets, Enid; Jasmin R. Longan, Enid; Gary M. Flynn, Yukon; Jennifer M. Starks, Cherokee; Sandra A. Jensen, Enid; Carrie S. Beckwith, Enid; Billy H. Hoskins, Enid; Tyler Pool, Enid; Shannon Hodge, Enid; Carl Szafranski, Tulsa; Alexandria O’Connell, Enid; Jimmye P. Miller, Enid; Jerad W. Becker, Yukon.