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March 29, 2014

Daily Record for 3-30-2014

ENID, Okla. — Police

March 25

• Burlington Northern reported that copper and spark plugs were taken from a business in the 700 block at Kenwood. Estimated value, $900.

• Marquis Bradley, of Enid, reported that between 9 p.m. on Sunday and 2 a.m. on Monday someone broke his window in his Nissan Murano parked in the 800 block of North 26th Street and took an Ipod and a bottle of cologne and damaged the headliner and broke the side mirror. Estimated value, $1,200.

• Amaya Arriaga, of Enid, reported that between 9 p.m. on Monday and 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday someone broke into his 2005 Dodge Ram truck parked in the 700 block of East Randolph and took a 32 inch Emerson flat screen television, a leather trifold wallet, a social security card, two gift cards, assorted currency, a woman’s wedding band and an 18 inch necklace. Estimated value, $390.

• Marilyn Collins, of Enid, reported that between 12:30 p.m. and 3:39 p.m. Tuesday someone broke into the residence in the 1900 block of Sandridge and took money and a men’s ring. Estimated value, $7,000.

• Karen Pfaff, of Enid, reported that between 5 p.m. and 6:10 p.m. on Tuesday someone broke into her residence in the 100 block of East Chestnut by damaging the front door and took a small Craftsman cordless 18 volt drill, a security camera with remote, a gray and black Craftsman tool bag and a Bulova watch. Estimated value, $538.

March 27

Jose Jesus Salcedo-Gomez reported between 11 p.m. Wednesday and 7:30 a.m. Thursday someone took his 1992 Ford F150 without his permission from the 900 block of North 14th. The vehicle was recovered.

Fire Alarms

March 26

• 1:46 a.m.: 3002 Falcon Crest Dr., medical assist.

• 5:16 a.m.: 563 N. 10th St., medical assist.

• 6:58 a.m.: 3209 S. Van Buren St., medical assist.

• 7:59 a.m.: 108 Helen Cir., medical assist.

• 11:09 a.m.: 118 W. Cedar Ave., medical assist.

• 3:14 p.m.: 1506 W. Rupe Ave., medical assist.

• 4:47 p.m.: 1002 E. Randolph Ave., medical assist.

• 6:14 p.m.: 2401 E. Maine St., medical assist.

• 8:29 p.m.: 210 E. Olive Ave., medical assist.

• 10:38 p.m.: 2300 N. 4th St., medical assist.

• 11:24 p.m.: 1225 S. Cleveland St., person in distress, other.

• 1:15 p.m.: 4800 N. Washington, grass fire.

• 3:18 p.m.: 520 E. Cherokee, helicopter landing area assitance.

• 4:46 p.m.: 2109 Camelot Drive, person in distress, other.

• 5:46 p.m.: 2400 N. Washington, motor vehicle accident with injuries.

• 6:27 p.m.: 217 E. Iowa, false alarm or false call.

• 8:55 p.m.: 1600 W. Willow, medical assist.

March 27

• 12:20 a.m.: 1225 S. Cleveland St., person in distress, other.

• 12:27 a.m.: 1701 E. Cherokee Ave., medical assist.

• 9:12 a.m.: 611 W. Wabash Ave., emergency medical service.

• 11:28 a.m.: 311 Lakeview, medical assist.

• 2:39 p.m.: 312 Crestwood, medical assist.

• 2:41 p.m.: 810 E. Pine, medical assist.

• 3:27 p.m.: 2515 Sleepy Hollow, dispatched and canceled en route.

• 6:28 p.m.: 900 N. Independence, rescue, EMS incident.

• 6:56 p.m.: 1117 Ponca, medical assist.

• 7:06 p.m.: 1121 W. Willow, motor vehicle accident with injuries.

• 9:59 p.m.: 1812 Leona Mitchell, medical assist.

• 10:06 p.m.: 118 N. 14th, medical assist.

March 28

• 6:45 a.m.: 1702 Leona Mitchell, medical assist.

• 7:08 a.m.: 4505 Alamo, medical assist.

• 8:44 a.m.: 707 W. Randolph, medical assist.

• 10:53 a.m.: 125  Margaret, medical assist.

• 12:12 p.m.: 2701 Sage, medical assist.

• 1:38 p.m.: 1314 N. Garland, medical assist.

• 6:09 p.m.: 302 E. Illinois, medical assist.

• 7:06 p.m.: 4610 Pine Cone, medical assist.

• 9:57 p.m.: 5801 N. Oakwood, unintentional smoke detector activation.

March 29

• 7:55 a.m.: 1228 N. Davis, medical assist.

• 8:14 a.m.: 2605 E. Maple, gas leak.

• 10:59 p.m.: 404 N. Fourth, assist police or other governmental agency.

• 2:04 p.m.: 4200 E. Robertson Road, motor vehicle accident with injuries.

Municipal Court

Seat belt ordinance, March 12-18, $20

• William James Oakes, Dacoma; Soledad Martinez, Enid; Randy Perez-Ochoa, Enid; Meriah Dawn Burnett, Enid; Cameron Wade Vanwinkle, Enid; Mario Demont Woodson, Enid; Kyle David Blythe, Enid; Rafael Garcia Vega, Enid; Fransico Ruiz, Enid; Jacob Fredrick Schmidt, Enid; Ronald Glynn Shire, Enid; Brandley M. Kumm, Fairmont; Tanner Hugh Culver, Pond Creek; Nestor Abraham Gomez, Enid; Robert Buel Guthrie III, Fairmont; Deidra Ann Schoenewald, ames; Charles E. Runkle, Enid; William E. Brandford, Pond Creek; David Leon Donlay, Fairmont; Derrick Shawn Curless, Enid; David Luke McClure, Lucedale, Miss.; Carl H. Akin, Enid; Brian Douglas Harris, Enid; Jan L. Cochran, Caldwell, Kan.; Michael A. Nichols, Lahoma; Cynthia Riccelle Hines, Enid; Desso Scott Gore, Enid; Ricky Wayne Jones, Enid; Christi Lynne Woods, Perry; Hannaqh B. Hahl, Enid; Roscoe Kennedy Large, Kremlin; John C. Hennedy, Enid; David Blaine Myers, Battlefield, Mo.; Betty C. Parks, Nash; Corbin James Harris, Enid; Stephen Eugene Wiederkehr, Enid; Ricky Lee Sinnett, Enid; Terry Wayne Wilson, Enid; Travis P. Claypole, Enid; Nathaniel F. Campbell, Pond Creek; Anthony Scott Arguello, Amarillo, Texas; Delaire Bernard White, Enid; Garrett Donn Mercer, Enid; Jayme D. Latta, Enid; William Neil Mitchell, Enid.

Speeding, March 12-18, $104

• George Walter Davis, Bolivar, Mo.; Edward C. Pennington, Waukomis; Heather Marie Mayfield, Enid; Anika A. English, Enid; Katie Ann  Mae Custer, Enid; Bernice Ann Koehn, Goltry; Sarah R. Eagan, Enid; Cindy Faye Young, Enid; Nathaniel F. Campbell, Pond Creek; Valerie D. Nelson, enid; Braydon Hays Dodson, Enid; Beverly A. Koehn, Enid; Michael A. Russell, Enid; Eugene R. Andrew Jr., Enid; Hillary Sebastian Bell, Enid; Tyler Isaac Wixom, Drummond;  Debra Ann Johnson, Waukomis; Robert Aaron Beurlot, Enid; Rebecca Ann Unruh, Enid; Catherine J. Schulz, Enid; Karie Lee Chard, Enid; Kimberly Anne Ulrich, Enid; Robert C. Perry, Enid; Katherine Leann Thompson, Enid; Shane Lee Christmas, Enid; Caleb Robert Ellington, Enid; Erik Ulises Berrios, Houston, Texas; Brayton R. Johnson, Enid; Kent A. Olsen, Enid; Brandi L. Wehling, Enid; David T. Wood, Enid; Samuel Joseph Emerson, Enid; Ryan Justin Hinchey, Oklahoma City; Jonathan Wesley Jones, Enid; Quinton W. Hawkins, Enid; Jamie Lee Garen, Enid; Jamie Michelle Moore-Woods, Stillwater; Desso Scott Gore, Enid; Herbert Hadley, Springdale, Ark.; Luis Alberto Davila, Enid; Jeffery Mark Hyde, Woodward; Spencer Roy Freeman, Satellite Beach, Fla.; William E. Bradford, Pond Creek; Christopher Sean Cardinali, Enid; Wilton Eugene Thebodeau Jr., Fairview; Amanda Dawn Prince, Cushing; Benjamin Joseph Turner, Hessmer, La.; Brooke Chaney Buchanan, Stillwater; Preston Wade Herbst, Enid; Branden Lee Killingsworth, Oklahoma Citiy; Dellsy Alvarez Salgado, Enid; David Brack Littlepage, Lipan, Texas; Vito Lamar McIntee, Oklahoma City; Sheila Renee Wade, Ames; Devin Allen Peckham, Enid; Robert Jasean Woodberry, Ssand Springs; Douglas Lynn Ransom, Wakita; Samuel Ryan Kennamer, Oklahoma City; Jordan Ross Colletti, Richmond, Texas; Nicholas Don Walters, Edmond; Patrick Zane Sherman, Harrah;  Evi Dowell, Enid; Lucas Matthew Duffy, Kingwood, Texas; Ryan Milo Anderson, Alva; Rocky O’Neal Fults, Nashoba; Raymond Clay Kelley, tulsa; Keri Dawn Prammanasudh, Broken Arrow.

Speeding, March 12-18, $154

• Kevin Gene Klutts, Weatherford, Texas; Brent Allen Padgett, Enid; Kara Michelle Vogt, Enid; Moises Hernandez, Enid; Esthela F. Guillen, Enid; Joseph Wayne Winter, Oklahoma City; Amanda Beth Stamper, Enid; Ofelia Rodriguez, Enid; Ashley Marie Hobbs, Enid; Jeffery J. Huskey, Pond Creek; Jimmy Almonte, Ft. Worth, Texas; Brittany N. Baine, Enid.

Other violations, March 12-18

• Hertin Lavin, Enid, careless driving, $254.

• Robert Michael Moss, Enid, driving under suspension, $154.

• Lynn Lloyd Crites, Enid, driving under suspension, $154; failure to comply, $434; improper equipment, $154.

• Heather Lokeijak, Enid, driving under suspension, $164.

• Christopher James Randell, Enid, driving without valid license, $154.

• Chasity Dawn Travis, Enid, driving without valid license, $154; failed to yield right-of-way, $189.

• Alonso Cruz Lopez, Enid, driving without valid license, $154; running stop light, $189.

• Natalie M. Roldan, Enid, driving without valid license, $154.

• Eduardo Pena, Enid, driving without valid license, $154.

• Jennifer Rae White, Nash, failed to yield right-of-way, $154.

• Marilyn Marie Crow, Enid, failed to yield right-of-way, 4154.

• Nathaniel F. Campbell, Pond Creek, failed to yield to emergency vehicle, $154.

• Michael Leonard Navratil, Enid, failure to appear, $300.

• Hazel P. Stickney, Omaha, Neb., failure to appear, $589.

• Amanda Beth Stamper, Enid, failure to appear, $589.

• Jennifer Rae White, Nash, failure to appear, $589.

• Erik Ulises Berrios, Houston, Texas, failure to appear, $300.

• Amy D. Smith, Enid, failure to appear, $554.

• Benjamin Joseph Turner, Hessmer, La., failure to appear, $300.

• April M. Mungia, Enid, failure to appear, $589.

• Phillip Wayne Swinford, Enid, failure to appear, $277.

• Donita Kay Bates, Bartlesville, failure to appear, $300.

• Joti Lavin, Enid, failure to comply, $589.

• Jeremy Ray Rhoads, Enid, failure to comply, $554.

• Gregory Allen Harris, Enid, failure to comply, $554.

• Amy Sue Fisher, Enid, failure to comply, $554.

• Anthony Dewayne Huff, Enid, failure to comply, $554.

• Julio Cesar Rodriguez, Enid, failure to comply, $589.

• Jeremy Clarence Rankin, Enid, failure to comply, $554.

• Phillip Wayne Swinford, Enid, failure to comply $277.

• Christopher James Randell, Enid, failure to devote attention, $154.

• Rocky W. McReynolds, Enid, failure to devote attention, $154.

• Rose Mary Baker, Enid, failure to devote attention, $154.

• Natalie M. Roldan, Enid, failure to devote attention, $154.

• Elizabeth A. Debo, Enid, following too close, $154.

• Taylor L. Black, Garber, following too close, $154.

• Cheryl L. Johnson, Enid, following too close, $154.

• David Franco, Kingfisher, improper equipment, $154.

• Sam Martin, Enid, improper equipment, $154.

• Michael Andrew Roper, Lamont, improper equipment, $154.

• Leanna Marie Coleman, Oklahoma City, improper equipment, $154.

• Richard E. Hilbig, Enid, improper lane use, $154.

• Christopher Lee Herrera, Enid invalid license tag, $154.

• Riki Lajar, Enid, invalid license tag, $154.

• Shannon M. Lavicky, Edmond, invalid license tag, $154.

• Christopher James Randell, Enid, leaving the scene, $254.

• Fransico Ruiz, Enid, method of turning left, $154.

• Shirley H. Walden, Enid, passing stationary emergency vehicle, $154.

• Nina Leigh Strawn, Idabel, pedestrians right of way in crosswalks, $154.

• Marisa Lyn Thomas, Enid, public intoxication, $204.

• April M. Mungia, Enid, restricted license or permit, $154.

• Ashley Marie Neahring, Enid, restricted license or permit, $154.

• Randall Schrader, Ada, running stop light, $154.

• Robert C. Perry, Enid, running stop light, $154.

• Herbert M. Gootee, Arkansas City, Kan., running stop light, $154.

• Robert Michael Moss, Enid, running stop sign, $94.

• Joanna L. Samples, Enid, no insurance verification, $154.

• Eduardo Pena, Enid, speeding, $189.

• Ashley Shan Landess, Guymon, speeding in construction zone, $254.

• Christian Gutierrez Moreno, Enid, vehicle entering stop or yield, $154.

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