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June 9, 2014

Daily Record for 6-10-2014

ENID, Okla. — Police

June 5

• Lyndsey Strickland, of Enid, reported that between 6 a.m. on April 23 and 4:11 p.m. on June 5, someone stole her 1997 Honda Accord, a purse, miscellaneous clothing and miscellaneous cards from an unknown location. Estimated value, $1,765.

June 6

• Deanna Thomas, of Mustang, reported that someone took a large Black and Decker drill, box of drill bits, large red tool box with tools, drill case with charger, Sony WiFi DVD player, AT&T WiFi router, garbage bags of shoes, large bags of clothes, other miscellaneous clothes, miscellaneous prescriptions, Razor cellphones, Blackberry cellphone, Sony CD player, miscellaneous makeup, miscellaneous hair products and other miscellaneous tools from the 1600 block of South Monroe. Estimated value, $3,475.

• New Hope Church, 614 N. Garland, reported that between 2 p.m. on June 5 and 1:45 p.m. on June 6, someone damaged the wiring to a light post in the parking lot of the business. Estimated value, $400.

• Kristina Linzy, of Enid, reported that someone stabbed the inside of her Toyota Camry while is was parked in the 1600 block of North Van Buren. Estimated value, $600.

• Bryce Gannon, of Enid, reported that between 9 and 9:53 p.m., he either lost or someone stole his Tilite wheelchair while it was in the 200 block of West Cherokee. Estimated value, $8,000.

June 7

• Karly Best reported that between 11 p.m. June 6 and 8 a.m. June 7, someone took U.S. currency from her residence in the 1500 block of East Oklahoma. Estimated value, $350.

• Jennifer Blackwell reported a cellphone was taken from a business in the 2600 block of South Van Buren. Estimated value, $600.

June 8

• Abrahm Alatorre, of Enid, reported that someone entered his 2006 Chrysler 300 while it was parked in the 1800 block of North Kennedy and took an iPod, green backpack, blue wallet, pink wallet, Bank of America card and miscellaneous U.S. currency. Estimated value, $530.

Fire Alarms

June 7

• 10:12 a.m.: 1702 Gingham, medical assist.

• 11:41 a.m.: 1121 E. Cherokee, medical assist.

• 12:25 p.m.: 829 E. Birch, dispatched and canceled en route.

• 2:04 p.m.: 3800 W. Garriott, motor vehicle accident with injuries.

• 4:36 p.m.: 415 W. Cherokee, medical assist.

• 5:10 p.m.: 4317 W. Carrier, medical assist.

• 6:57 p.m.: 205 W. Cherry, medical assist.

• 7:41 p.m.: 721 Mesquite Dr., medical assist.

• 7:58 p.m.: 1416 N. Grand, assist police or other governmental agency.

• 10:33 p.m.: 1225 S. Cleveland, rescue, EMS incident.

June 8

• 2 a.m.: 2314 E. Cypress, medical assist.

• 3:31 a.m.: 1309 S. Van Buren, medical assist.

Municipal Court

Seat belt ordinance, $20, May 21-27

• Steven Lee Oller, Enid; Darrel Boyd Hager, Enid; Terry L. Johnson, Medford; Mitchell Lee Teepe, Enid; Eric Lee McClure, Ames; Galvin Garrett, Madison, Ala.; Sarah Rebecca Marshall, Enid; Courtney Nicole Bell, Enid; Matthew Dewayne Hamons, Higgins, Texas; Jackie Lee Ramsey, Enid; Sonya Renee Davis, Enid; Hannah Brooke Fuuksa, Waukomis; Austin Quin Hernandez, Enid; Juan Duenas Rodriguez, Lane; Mariah Paige Bateman, Enid; Douglas James Bennett, Hennessey; Ashley Nichole Pond, Waukomis; Paul S. Bradley, Enid; Tamika Deshawn Thompson, Alva; Amy M. Norris, Enid; Barbara Tolmosoff Robertson, Enid; Noel William JR Hicks Jr., Enid; Darrell F. Stubbs, Enid; John K. Bowles, Enid; David Ellis Cantrell, Enid; Michael Angelo Edwards, Enid; Steven William White, Perry; Curtis Lee Keesler, Enid; Charles L. Reed, Enid; Michael L. Harris, Enid; David Ellis Cantrell, Enid; Cyle L. Abbott, Enid; Lloyd Lyndell Baker Jr., Enid; James Patrick Harger, Freedom; Justin W. Boyd, Enid; Barbara Lynn Unruh, Pryor; Dub William Paterson, Perry; Shelby Lynn Roney, Enid.

Speeding, $104, May 21-27

• CV Rivers Jr., Converse, Texas; Zachariah Augustus Hughes, Bristow; Kent Steven Middaugh, Broken Arrow; Tyresha Denay Washington, Enid; Gilbert Lance Hockett, Enid; Megan Marie Stout, Enid; Jonathan Wayne Smith, Enid; Courtney Lynn Benett, Enid; Terry Albert Huskey, Oklahoma City; Kristy Lea Lefler, Enid; Steven Wayne Inman, Enid; Harlie Jae Black, Enid; Anthony Dakota Shellito, Enid; Lois C. Miller, Enid; Barbara Richter Murphy, Oklahoma City; Deborah Ann Becker, Barnsdall; Alejandro Cantu Gonzalez, Edinburg, Texas; John Burtyram Hatler Jr., Pryor; Zeberland Eli Halbert, Enid; Katie M. White, Waukomisl; Marvin Joseph Kusik, Enid; Erik D. Holt, Kremlin; Nicholas Joseph Maly, Edmond; Gregory C. Wallace, Tulsa; Walter George Hamlin, Broken Arrow; Erika Michelle Tyson, Stillwater; Robin Marie Mitchell, Norman; Kenneth Paul Revell, McKinney, Texas; Phillip Clarence, Enid.

Speeding, $154, May 21-27

• Sarah Rebecca Marshall, Enid; Michael Lorne Seaman, Meno; James Robert Lagan, Enid; Austin Quin Hernandez, Enid; Amanda Danielle Gast, Enid; Parker Dean Fields, Enid; Gerardo Gil Jr., Enid.

Other violations, May 21-27

• Bryan Roberto Gil, Enid, careless driving, $254.

• Keegan James Scott, Enid, depositing on highway, $154.

• Edna Louise Strimple, Enid, animals running loose, $254.

• Matthew R. Krimm, Enid, animals running loose, $254.

• Joseph Edward Lynn Semrad, Enid, animals running loose, $154.

• Jemial D. Lofton, Enid, driving under suspension, $164; improper equipment, $154.

• Maike Mejia Barillos, Enid, driving without valid license, $154; failulre to devote attention, $189.

• Heather Christian Choate, Enid, failed to yield right-of-way, $154.

• Brittany L. Humphrey, Enid, failed to yield right-of-way, $154.

• Melinda S. Moore, Enid, failure to appear, $589.

• Ryan C. Ratcliff, Enid, failure to appear, $354; invalid license tag, $154; no insurance verification, $154; failure to comply, $554.

• Adrian Montrell Bennett, Baton Rouge, La., failure to appear, $554.

• Jo Lynne Vendetti, Enid, failure to appear, $589.

• Jeffrey Dean McAlexander, Enid, failure to appear, $554; failure to appear, $554.

• Cortney Lynn Bennett, Enid, failure to appear, $554.

• Brenda Rae Smither, Enid, failure to appear, $254.

• Misty Dawn Pendergraft, Enid, failure to comply, $554.

• Renee Elizabeth Benson, Enid, failure to comply, $554.

• Bobbie Jo Smith, Enid, failure to comply, $554; failure to comply, $554.

• Darren Lee Salyer, Fairmont, failure to comply, $554.

• Cynthia Lean Leabo, Garber, failure to comply, $454.

• Hubert R. Decastro Jr., Enid, failure to devote attention, $154.

• Randall E. Horton, Enid, failure to update license information, $104; improper equipment, $154; leaving the scene, $254.

• Bwidrik Karowa, Enid, false 911 call, $554.

• Melinda S. Moore, Enid, improper equipment, $154.

• Matthew Ryan Kinsey, Woodward, improper equipment, $104.

• Marques A. Odom, Enid, improper equipment, $154.

• Tama Helenene Griggs, Enid, invalid license tag, $154; no insurance verification, $154.

• Jackie R. Arnold, Medford, invalid license tag, $154.

• Virginia L. Caldwell, Kremlin, invalid license tag, $154.

• Justin W. Boyd, Enid, invalid license tag, $154.

• Gary W. Hundley, Enid, no passing zones, $154.

• Christina Marie Barnett, Enid, no passing zones, $154.

• Tricia Ann Lambert, Enid, petit larceny, $554.

• Heidi Lanette Stalker, Enid, petit larceny, $554.

• Bryan Marcel Dunlap, Enid, petit larceny, $509.

• Nia Shar’Dae Gavin, Enid, petit larceny, $509.

• McKenzie Shaye Anderson, Enid, petit larceny, $524; possession of drug paraphernalia, $559.

• Darren Lee Salyer, Fairmont, public intoxication, $144.

• Audon Lara, Enid, public intoxication, $239.

• Cheryl J. Robinson, Enid, public intoxication, $129.

• Kelly Joe Watt, Woodward, public intoxication, $174.

• Cheryl J. Robinson, Enid, resisting arrest, $554.

• Stanley K. Young, Enid, running stop light, $154.

• Mildred Elizabeth Joslin, Enid, speeding in construction zone, $254.

• Nicholas Ryan Phillips, Enid, storage/parking motor vehicles, $154.

• Benjamin Anthony Wagner, Enid, trespassing on private property, $94.

• Michael Allen Dwayne Ehrlich, Blackwell, vehicle entering stop/yield, $154.

• Juan Duenas Rodriguez, Lane, no child restraint, $104.

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