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April 11, 2008

Self a man for all seasons, not just basketball season

Bah humbug, Barack.

Hooey on Hillary.

And John McCain ... he can pack it in to an assisted living home.

Bill Self for president of the United States!

I am going to write in Bill Self for president of the United States on my ballot this Nov. 4.

Self is, of course, the head coach of the KU Jayhawks men’s basketball team which won a mind-blowing NCAA national championship game against the University of Memphis on Monday night.



One more time, for good measure —Wow.

The Kansas versus Memphis game on Monday will be one for the ages. ESPN will be replaying highlights from this game – particularly the 3-point swisher by Mario Chalmers with 2.1 second left in the game – for as long as ESPN exists as a broadcasting medium.

The Kansas Jayhawks have magnificent individual basketball talent on their 2007-08 team (like all five starters and three to four deep on the bench), but the University of Kansas’ National Championship in men’s basketball this week is directly attributable to the masterful coaching of Self.

There were no first-third team all-Americans on the KU Jayhawks basketball squad this season. Self trained his players to be team players, to be selfless and to work as a cohesive unit. Though Brandon Rush, Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers, perhaps also Darnell Jackson and Russell Robinson, probably possess the talent to be all-American, they were coached and led so well by Self, they learned to make their egos subordinate to winning and to teamwork.

Barack Obama claims to be the “unity” presidential candidate – the lone candidate who can “unite” America’s disparate ethnic and socio-economic groups. But many white Americans fear Obama is secretly out to get them and may harbor “Kill Whitey” tendencies inside his heart and mind. It should be noted, however, Obama is half white and probably doesn’t want half of himself killed because of injustices done to some blacks in America, mostly a century-and-a-half ago.

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