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July 13, 2010

Media gets 'memo' and gets back to Haiti


Everyone got the memo.

What memo?

The one from former President Bill Clinton about Haiti.

Just this past weekend, there were some reports that Clinton -- who along with former President George W. Bush had been heading a fund-raising campaign for earthquake-stricken Haiti -- was concerned that money and pledges weren’t coming in as promised.

Well, lo and behold, all the major news networks loaded up their reporters, producers and photographers and went back to Haiti.

The reports were on CBS, ABC, CNN and NBC Monday night.

The story?

Well, Haiti is still in shambles. People aren’t getting shelter or help. The money that was promised hasn’t arrived.

Is anybody surprised?

People in the United States and over the world, I’m sure, have been generous in donating to Haiti. Yet, the corruption of that country is so great, I’m confident that some scoundrel (or scoundrels) have tried their best to get hold of any money they can.

Its interesting to me that Clinton can snap his fingers and get the entire media landscape back on the story.

Sure, the story is worth another look-see and a follow-up. But, the quickness in which these networks simultaneously responded after Clinton’s complaint was actually inspiring. Perhaps the former president’s next job should be as a network executive.

Haiti will be a story that will go on and on and on. Its such a poor, destitute country where the majority of its citizens are uneducated. They have no coordinated effort and vultures ready to pick off donations at any opportunity, it will be difficult for that country to ever come out of this situation any better than they were.

Of course, there is always hope. But, I’m not sure Clinton or any of his contemporaries will live long enough to see Haiti become a prosperous and rebuilt country.



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