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April 11, 2011

CINDY'S CORNER: Battling Trump on birth certificate issue won't be easy

Enid News and Eagle

ENID — By Cindy Allen

A familiar tactic by politicos is to try to marginalize the opposition.

We’ve seen it done by both parties; however, the Democrats are probably better at it than the Republicans are.

By marginalize, I mean when someone raises a sticky issue or perhaps even an explosive one, the opposition sets out to make that opponent sound stupid, or someone who is not serious or smart, etc.

Enter into the fray, Donald Trump. Trump started out with some minor questions about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, but it seems to have turned into a quest.

Now, Obama’s supporters already have tried to marginalize this issue by branding those who believe it “birthers.” I really don’t know where that term comes from, but it is akin to those who believe the 9-11 attacks were orchestrated from within the  George W. Bush administration being called “truthers.”

(Really, who comes up with these names?)

Still, you hear the word “birther” and automatically you might think of some nut-job.

And, since Trump has “trumped” up the issue to a new level, several have tried to marginalize his efforts as a “waste of time,” or calling him an attention-(expletive), etc.

The problem is, Trump is not one who can be marginalized easily. He is a master marketer and he’s got a huge media platform. He’s rich, visible, articulate and compelling. He’s also got a weird hairdo that everyone loves to make fun of, and I think he keeps that hair the way it is just because it is something people talk about. He is not afraid of attention -- in fact he craves it.

So, Trump is not intimidated by those who want to try to marginalize him or cast him as a lunatic.

Now, even Republicans who oppose Obama on just about every issue don’t want to jump on this birth certificate bandwagon, and I can certainly understand why. For them it is a distraction, and quite frankly, they don’t have the kind of power Trump has to fight a marginalization effort with Obama’s supporters.

The Democratic politicos are going to have a rough time trying to tamp down Donald Trump. The media will try, and they are already doing so. I’m sure George Soros, the mysterious billionaire who funds leftist causes, is already on the case. But, the fact is, if anyone can find answers to this question, it is probably Donald Trump. And let me say I don’t think he will actually run for president, and even if he does, he won’t win the nomination. Perhaps his “distraction” with this birth certificate issue will free up real Republican contenders to focus on Obama’s policies and the economy.

Trump said he hopes to find out that all the squawking about Obama’s birth certificate or nationality is untrue and put an end to it. Yet, he is titillating people by saying he is surprised at what his investigators are finding out, and saying the president may have perpetrated the “scam” of the century on the American public.

In an election year that I expect to be one of the most vitriolic and rancor-filled episodes ever, this exercise will certainly add to the fray.

 It is kind of like an accident on the side of the road. You  don’t want to look as you drive by, but you just can’t help yourself.

Cindy Allen is managing editor of the Enid News & Eagle. She can be reached at 548-8163 or by e-mail at