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April 12, 2012

Experiencing a life-changing moment

Before I get straight into today’s column, I have to share this one tidbit that made me laugh — One gentleman told me the paper has been “ruth-less” lately. Just sit on that one for a second!

Changing gears … I am not a sports enthusiast. I frankly don’t care to watch anyone toss, slap, kick or hit a ball. I don’t mind watching football, but I think I’m what you would call a fair weather fan. To be honest, I have a negative view of athletics in general.

But my husband enjoys games and races and occasionally I will watch one with him. I recently tuned into the final round of the Masters, even though I know next to nothing about golf (mostly because I find it a bore). But the hype around Phil Mickelson — who I’ve recognized in commercials and on the front page of the sports section — drew me to sit in front of the TV for a while.

In between shots, I wondered about the personal lives of these men wielding clubs. Do they have faith? Do they think of the things of God? Do they dwell on His Word? Or is it all about living the good life and being a good person?

The commentators described the two top performers as being husbands and new fathers. Louis Oosthuizen and Bubba Watson then headed off in a sudden-death playoff to determine the winner of the coveted green jacket. Watson won, and after a bit of crying and hugging and more crying, he was escorted off to the championship presentation.

At this point the commentators started laying it on thick about how glorious it was for Watson to earn this elite honor and how he was now part of an exclusive club of men (and we won’t even go there). Then the phrase that astounded me the most was how “life-changing” this moment was to be.


If only.

Do we as humans get that revved up about a man who came to save us? A man who paid a debt we could not? A man who gave us life and a reason for being?

Ponder this: Many of us barely spend 10 minutes with Him on a given day, but can easily plop in front of a TV/computer/cell phone screen for hours and hours.

Moreover, we commit ourselves to days, months or years of training, preparing and working for a job but have a hard time sparing a few moments here and there for the Lord.

We fill our lives up with anything and everything, leaving little room for Him. At the end of the evening we fall into bed without even acknowledging it was a day He made.

I’m sure Watson was thrilled beyond measure to take the title at the 2012 Augusta National. I have no doubt his winnings will go a long way in enhancing his lifestyle. He will be looked upon with favor for the fact he has had the green jacket.

But I don’t really believe in the whole scheme of things that he will say this event was “life-changing” — or will he? Will you?

“I have come that [you] may have life (inner satisfaction) and have it to the full.” — John 10:10

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