The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

January 29, 2011

Educating our readers on bullying

By Cindy Allen, Managing Editor
Enid News and Eagle

— It seems bullying and harassment are becoming a huge problem across the  country, and we know the same thing is happening here in our state and in our own communities.

Just in this past year, we’ve heard stories of young people who have committed suicide because they’ve been the target of constant harassment. Nearby in Perry, an 11-year-old boy took his life after getting in trouble for confronting a bully.

The Enid News & Eagle is embarking on an effort to educate our readers about bullying issues, such as school bullying, workplace bullying, adult bullying and more. We will take a look at some of the things going on right here in our community, and we also will focus on some of the things being done locally and on the state level to address this serious issue.

So many times the victims and their families feel helpless to address bullying. Many people feel it is almost a rite of passage to either bully someone else or be a victim of bullying. But bullying is harmful and can lead to children or adults being afraid and tense. We also know of tragic consequences when bullying even leads people to take violent measures.

There are a lot of levels involved in bullying, but the most important thing is for people to see it when it occurs and to take action to stop it when it occurs.

The News & Eagle will publish a series of stories on what is happening locally, what school districts and local counselors are advising in getting assistance and how the state Legislature even is considering new laws to deal with this issue.

Following this series, we will be publishing public service announcements on a regular basis with information on how people can take action to stop bullying when they see it happening.

We hope you take time to read these stories and familiarize yourself with the issue. The only way to stop this unfortunate trend of bullying is to recognize what it is and stop it in its tracks.

Allen is editor of the Enid News & Eagle. She can be reached at 548-8163 or by e-mail at