The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

February 6, 2010

Strong leader is standing behind every Eagle Scout

— The trail to Eagle can lead a young man along many different paths. From wilderness survival to citizenship, Boy Scouts continue to impact my daily life. While it is difficult to condense experiences over six years of my Scouting career into one story, I can think of several events that edify what it means to be an Eagle Scout.

To really understanding Scouting, one must experience the outdoors. Our troop was fortunate enough to backpack the Grand Canyon one spring. From one rim of the canyon to the other and back you must not only rely on yourself but other Scouters accompanying you on your journey. Along with the most majestic panoramic views came intense elements, drought, temperature variances of more than 70 degrees and no civilization within 15 miles of the canyon. Our experiences taught us to rely on each other and that it is important everyone pull his own weight. There is not one person who walked out of that canyon who didn’t understand the importance of working together.

Leadership is another attribute every Eagle Scout must embody. I was thrown into a leadership position earlier than I expected during a camping trip when all of the older boys were unable to attend that particular camp-out. On Friday night I was pale with anxiety, but by Sunday, with the help of my adult leaders, I had a taste of what it took to not only be in charge but to lead people. The adult leaders are the life-blood of the scouting organization.

Behind every Eagle Scout there is a leader. Without the adult leadership in our troop, I would not be where I am today.

Jay Bowers, Troop 15