The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

February 6, 2010

Healy boys are Eagles

— I got into Scouting because of my dad, Mike Healy. He was in Scouting as a kid and obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. My brother Ryan, who is three years younger, also got into Scouting. We ended up joining Troop 27 that met at our church, which we had grown up in.

I have too many fond memories of Scouts to pick just one: Pinewood Derby, swim check in a snow-fed lake in Colorado, playing “Taps” on my trumpet, the “tree” at Camp Williams (you know the one) and of course the multitude of camp-outs. So I’d just like to say what Scouting did for me.

Scouting is a great institution for young boys to grow up in and become respectful men, provided they have the right leadership. We had the best leaders a Scout could ask for, Tom Miller and Paul Dunbar. These men, along with other volunteers, established and maintained a foundation that held true to the Scout Law and Oath. From these men, I learned how to be one. And not just any man, but a dying breed of man I feel rarely exists today.

Through Scouting I learned to respect others even if I don’t agree with them. I learned giving my word should be stronger than any signed contract. I learned to help others in need. I learned to have honor and integrity, even if someone else does not. But, most importantly, it prepared me.

I am still young in life but have quickly learned the rank of Eagle Scout is well-known and has an invaluable reputation preceding it. It is one of the few awards I list on my resume and am inevitably asked about what my project was on interviews.

I am proud to say it was a woman, my mom Gayle Healy, who pushed me through the last fighting trials of becoming an Eagle Scout. On April 21, 1994, my dad proudly watched as his oldest son received Scouting’s highest rank. A few years later, my brother joined the ranks. The Healy boys were Eagle Scouts.

Chad Healy