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January 13, 2014

Letter: Don’t let PEGASYS become a puppet

ENID, Okla. — I voted for Dr. David Vanhooser for City Commission. Now, I am starting to regret that decision.

I had hoped that he would be a better leader than he has illustrated. I have disagreed with nearly every position he has postured.  The latest regards PEGASYS: We are very fortunate to have the public-access station in our great city. There only are a couple in the state, I believe.

The Rev. Jerry Holt and I had a long run with a program called “Reach a Friend.” We finally burned out a few years ago after 12 years producing it. We were one of the longest-running shows at that time.  

I still have people tell me how much they liked the show, and that it would be great if we revived it. I found the staff to be professional, helpful and supportive of our show. They are all wonderful people.

Besides the regular programming, they had many other interesting shows available for viewing. Probably two of the most significant functions of PEGASYS is Enid High events and the broadcast of City Commission meetings.

The commission meetings really give the public an opportunity to watch our city government in action. Hopefully, they will contact their ward commissioner with comments and suggestions.

The public attendance at the meetings is almost always low, unless there is some major event or tax on the agenda. People are reluctant to attend because they are shy about speaking in front of the commission and the cameras.

PEGASYS enables citizens to witness meetings from the comfort of their homes.

If City Hall controls PEGASYS and takes over, I can promise you the broadcasting will be skewed. PEGASYS will become a puppet of City Hall. PEGASYS’ budget is a drop in the pan compared to money wasted by City Hall.

Ken Fischer,


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