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October 12, 2013

4-H teams compete in trap shoot contest

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Twenty-three teams and 81 individuals from seven counties competed in the Northwest District 4-H Trap Shoot at Grand National Gun Club north of Enid on Oct. 5.

Top male shooter was Byron Helt, Kingfisher County. Top female shooter was Molly McCully, Kingfisher County.

Contestants were from Garfield, Grant, Harper, Kingfisher, Logan, Major and Woods counties.

Individual winners were:

Ages 10-11

First — Payton Meyer, Garfield County.

Second — Tabor Budy, Woods County.

Third — Brendan Henbree, Grant County.

Fourth — Tyler Holland, Garfield County.

Fifth — Macy McCully, Kingfisher County.

Ages 12-13

First — Briley Craig, Garfield County.

Second — Tucker Buss, Grant County.

Third — Montell Meyer, Garfield County.

Fourth — Grant Dick, Garfield County.

Fifth — Kobe Schutz, Grant County.

Ages 14-15

First — Byron Helt, Kingfisher County.

Second — Dalton Cramer, Major County.

Third — Caleb Craig, Garfield County.

Fourth — Matthew Chlouber, Kingfisher County.

Fifth — Molly McCully, Kingfisher County.

Ages 16 and up

First — Aldin Hoel, Logan County.

Second — Kyle Kitchen, Grant County.

Third — Zac Palmer, Major County.

Fourth — Brady Clinton, Garfield County.

Fifth — Hailey Vaverka, Kingfisher County.

Team winners were:

Ages 10-13

First — Garfield County, score 134, team members, Grant Dick, Briley Craig, Montell Meyer, Dylan Staerkel.

Second — Grant County, score 127, team members, Zeb Cambron, Tucker Buss, Kobe Schultz, Trey Howard.

Third — Garfield County, score 109, team members,  Payton Meyer, Danielle Dick, Gunnar Nelson, Morgan Meyer.

Fourth — Harper County, score 109, team members,  Abagail Colten, Cooper LeForce, Rayli Cunningham, Hunter Bartono.

Fifth — Grant County, score 99, team members, Bo Bass, Brendan Hembree, Wyatt Shrewsbury.

Ages 14 plus

First — Kingfisher County, score 135, team members,  Chayden Clayton, Molly McCully, Bryon Helt, Matthew Chlouber.

Second — Garfield County, score 128, team members,  Austin daSilva, Caleb Craig, Brady Clinton, Christian Bensch.

Third — Major County, score 127, team members,  Brooke Burnett, Dalton Cramer, Zach Palmer.

Fourth — Kingfisher County, score 124, team members, Wyatt Krittenbrink, Robert Ernsting, Austin McSwain, Hailey Vaverka.

Fifth — Garfield County, score 108, team members,  Kyle Frantz, Josh Clinton, Austin Blevins.

“The trap shoot, sponsored each spring and fall by Northwest District 4H and supported by the Grand National Gun Club, teaches young people gun safety and shows them a sport they can enjoy whether they are hunters or not,” said Jim Rhodes, Northwet District 4-H program specialist.

“Safety is one of the primary lessons 4-H’ers learn,” Rhodes said.

“For example, before a team can even register to shoot, all members and coaches must be trained.”

Besides shooting skills and gun safety, youths on a county trap team learn to work with a coach, and they get the experience of both team sports and individual competition.

Trap shooting is only one part of the 4-H Shooting Sports Program. Programs are organized in archery, air rifle, air pistol, hunting, .22 rifle, .22 pistol, black powder and living history in various counties across the state as a result of statewide 4H instructor trainings that are held annually.