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March 9, 2013

Northwest District Junior Livestock Show for 3/10/2013





Class 1

Showmanship, Jaliegh Oldenburg, Mulhall-Orlando

1, Jaliegh Oldenburg, Mulhall-Orlando, reserve champion

2, Jaden Severin, Timberlake

Class 2

Showmanship, Taylor Wiss, Mulhall-Orlando

1, Jaliegh Oldenburg, Mulhall-Orlando, champion

2, Jaliegh Oldenburg, Mulhall-Orlando


Class 1

Showmanship, Jenna Maltbie, Burlington

1, Jenna Maltbie Burlington, champion

2, Shelby Frost, Mulhall-Orlando, reserve champion


Class 1

Showmanship, Erica Nightengale, Billings

1, Erica Nightengale, Billings, champion

2, Kaylee Shenold, Mulhall-Orlando

3, Shelby Frost, Mulhall-Orlando

4, Erica Nightengale, Billings

5, Grant Eaton, Kingfisher

Class 2

1, Erica Nightengale, Billings, reserve champion


Class 1

Showmanship, Chad McGolden, Fairview

1, Taylor Wiss, Mulhull-Orlando, champion

2, Chad McGolden, Fairview, reserve champion

3, Abbie Cardwell, DCLA

4, Grant Eaton, Kingfisher

5, Jaden Severin, Timberlake

6, Jarrett James, Cherokee

7, Rustin James, Cherokee


Class 1

Showmanship, Carlie Laymace, Coyle

1, Shelby Frost, Mulhall-Orlando, champion

2, Carlie Laymace, Coyle, reserve champion


Class 1

Showmanship, Ashley Dillon, Pond Creek-Hunter

1, Ashley Dillon, Pond Creek-Hunter

2, Devon Dillon, Pond Creek-Hunter

3, Cole Joyce, Hennessey

4, Jessica Kincheloe, Kingfisher

5, Cole Joyce, Hennessey

Class 2

Showmanship, Kylee Moorman, Coyle

1, Gunner Sharp, Garber

2, Emmaly Helt, Kingfisher

3, Rachel Robinson, Coyle

4, Kylee Moorman, Coyle

5, Grant Eaton, Kingfisher

Class 3

Showmanship, Shelby Frost, Mulhall-Orlando

1, Hadley Bryan, Mulhall-Orlando

2, Olivia Hafner, Mulhall-Orlando

3, Jaden Allen, Burlington

4, Trevor Hughes, Morrison

5, Destiny Peffly, Burlington

Class 4

Showmanship, Kaitlyn Hendrick, Medford

1, Taylor Wiss, Mulhall-Orlando

2, Kyle Morris, Tonkawa

3, Ella Strader, Fairview

4, Carlie Laymance, Coyle

5, Kaitlyn Hendrick, Medford

Class 5

Showmanship, Hadley Bryan, Mulhall-Orlando

1, Peyton Burns, Kingfisher

2, Amber Cox, Morrison

3, Brantlee Cox, Morrison

4, Jaleigh Oldenburg, Mulhall-Orlando

5, Hadley Bryan, Mulhall-Orlando

6, Conner Wiss, Mulhall-Orlando

Class 6

Showmanship, Braden Burns, Kingfisher

1, Daniel Goodson, Tonkawa

2, Hadley Bryan, Mulhall-Orlando

3, Braden Burns, Kingfisher

4, Byron Helt, Kingfisher

5, Kaylee Shenold, Mulhall-Orlando

Supreme champion, Taylor Wiss, Mulhall-Orlando

Reserve supreme champion, Peyton Burns, Kingfisher

Bronze medallion, Amber Cox, Morrison



Class 1

Showmanship, Karisa Pfeiffer, Mulhall-Orlando

1, Karisa Pfeiffer, Mulhall-Orlando, champion and reserve champion


Class 1

Showmanship, Jaden Allen, Burlington

1, Lexi Anderson, Ringwood

2, Jaden Allen, Burlington

Class 2

Showmanship, Emily Helt, Kingfisher

1, Kiera Case, Fairview, champion

2, Peyton Burns, Kingfisher, reserve champion

3, Peyton Burns, Kingfisher


Class 1

Showmanship, Dawna Morawitz, Burlington

1, Clayton Mack, Drummond, champion

2, Tyler Wehrenberg, Morrison

3, Bree Kisling, Chisholm

4, Kristen Shepard, Cherokee

Class 2

Showmanship, Clayton Mack, Drummond

1, Jaleigh Oldenburg, Mulhall-Orlando, reserve champion

2, Clayton Mack, Drummond

3, Tanner Bradley, Burlington


Class 1

Showmanship, Peyton Burns, Kingfisher

1, Maddie Mason, Fairview

2, Peyton Burns, Kingfisher

3, Jenna Maltbie, Burlington

Class 2

Showmanship, Brandon Case, Fairview

1, Taylor Wiss, Mulhall-Orlando, reserve champion

2, Landon Shell, Drummond

3, Hadley Bryan, Mulhall-Orlando

4, Brandon Case, Fairview


Class 1

Showmanship, Abigail Anderson, Ringwood

1, Brandon Case, Fairview, champion

2, Peyton Harris, Morrison

3, Brandon Case, Fairview

Class 2

Showmanship, Layne Kisling, Chisholm

1, Layne Kisling, Chisholm, reserve champion


Class 1

Showmanship, Byron Helt, Kingfisher

1, Shelby Jenkins, Coyle

2, Byron Helt, Kingfisher

3, Kylee Moorman, Coyle

Class 2

Showmanship, Payton Harris, Morrison

1, Amber Cox, Morrison

2, Olivia Mason, Fairview

3, Payton Harris, Morrison

4, Lexi Anderson, Ringwood

Class 3

Showmanship, Tyler Wehrenberg, Morrison

1, Taylor Wiss, Mulhall-Orlando

2, Caitlin Carthel, Hennessey

3, Sadie Mason, Fairview

Class 4

Showmanship, Beau Davis, Guthrie

1, Beau Davis, Guthrie, champion

2, Cal Davis, Guthrie

3, Andrew Perry, Cashion

4, Andrew Perry, Cashion

Class 5

Showmanship, Ty Hamm, Ringwood

1, Payton VanMeter, Fairview

2, Olivia Mason, Fairview

3, Damon Malasha, Garber

Class 6

Showmanship, Kyle Morris, Tonkawa

1, Amber Cox, Morrison, reserve champion

2, Taylor Wiss, Mulhall-Orlando

3, Kyle Morris, Tonkawa

4, Madison Hembree, DCLA

Class 7

Showmanship, Cal Davis, Guthrie

1, Cal Davis, Guthrie

2, Taylor Wiss, Mulhall-Orlando

3, Daniel Goodwin, Tonkawa

Class 8

Showmanship, Amber Cox, Morrison

1, Amber Cox, Morrison

2, Beau Davis, Guthrie

3, Daniel Goodwin, Tonkawa

4, Damon Malasha, Garber

5, Sydnee Gerken, Kingfisher

Class 9

Showmanship, Caleb Baker, Burlington

1, Emily Shell, Drummond

2, Hadley Bryan, Mulhall-Orlando

3, Caleb Baker, Burlington

4, Alison Cue, Crescent

Class 10

Showmanship, Hunter Wiss, Mulhall-Orlando

1, Gunner Sharp, Garber

2, Lane Newlin, Burlington

3, Hunter Wiss, Mulhall-Orlando

Natural Color

Class 1

Showmanship, Lane Newlin, Burlington

1, Lane Newlin, Burlington

144, 2, Braden Burns, Kingfisher

3, Ty Hamm, Ringwood

Class 2

Showmanship, Gunner Sharp, Garber

1, Cal Davis, Guthrie, champion

2, Jenna Maltbie, Burlington

3, Kyle Morris, Tonkawa

Class 3

Showmanship, Daniel Goodwin, Tonkawa

1, Daniel Goodwin, Tonkawa, reserve champion

2, Taylor McKinney, Fairview

3, Layne Kisling, Chisholm

4, Blake Failes, Cherokee


Class 1

Showmanship, Payton VanMeter, Fairview

1, Payton VanMeter, Fairview, reserve champion

2, Billy Jack Trotter, Drummond

3, Dawna Morawitz, Burlington

4, Ralyn Waugh, Cherokee

Class 2

Showmanship, Emily Shell, Drummond

1, Emily Shell, Drummond, champion

2, Landon Shell, Drummond

3, Abigail Anderson, Ringwood


Class 1

Showmanship, Sadie Mason, Fairview

1, Sadie Mason, Fairview

2, Jenna Maltbie, Burlington

3, Layne Kisling, Chisholm

4, Jarrett James, Cherokee

Class 2

Showmanship, Taylor McKinney, Fairview

1, Abigail Anderson, Ringwood

2, Maggie Shell, Drummond, champion

3, Damon Malasha, Garber

4, Layne Kisling, Chisholm

5, Taylor McKinney, Fairview

Class 3

Showmanship, Kristen Scott, Tonkawa

1, Emmaly Helt, Kingfisher

2, Bryce Cormack, Burlington

3, Kaitlyn Hendrick, Medford

Class 4

Showmanship, Amber Burch, Tonkawa

1, Jaleigh Oldenburg, Mulhall-Orlando

2, Braden Burns, Kingfisher

3, Madison Schmidt, Mulhall-Orlando

4, Amber Burch, Tonkawa

Class 5

Showmanship, Brantlee Cox, Morrison

1, Maggie Shell, Drummond

2, Brantlee Cox, Morrison, reserve champion

3, Beau Davis, Guthrie

Class 6

Showmanship, Tyler Schnaithman, Garber

1, Rylee Detrick, Ringwood

2, Tyler Schnaithman, Garber

3, Gunner Sharp, Garber

Class 7

Showmanship, Jordan Newcomb, Ringwood

1, Emmaly Shell, Drummond

2, Jaleigh Oldenburg, Mulhall-Orlando

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