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October 20, 2012

K-H’s Schroeder receives top 4-H honor

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — The 2012 Garfield County 4-H Achieve-ment Banquet was Oct. 14 at the Hoover Building.

The theme this year was “Get A Clue with Oklahoma 4-H.”

The highlight of the afternoon was the naming of the Senior Hall of Fame Award, which was awarded to Ricki Schroeder, of Kremlin-Hillsdale 4-H Club. He is a senior at Kremlin-Hillsdale High School and the son of Randy and Marlys Schroeder, of Carrier. With this award, Schroeder received a $500 scholarship, a plaque and a traveling trophy sponsored by the Herbert-Conner Family, of Fairmont. His picture will be displayed in the Garfield County Oklahoma State University Extension Center.

Garfield County Farm Bureau, represented by Randy Denker and Gary Johnson, presented the $500 4-H Senior Achievement Scholarship also to Schroeder.

P&K Equipment sponsored the First Year Record Book Award T-shirts. The award winners were Hannah Fuksa, Pioneer-Pleasant Vale; Caleb Hatch, O’Ryan Hatch and Kaitlyn Booth, of Garber; Bailey Hoeltzel, of Kremlin-Hillsdale; Morgan Meyer, of Christian Clovers 4-H Club; and Emily Hall, of Chisholm.

Garfield County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, represented by Desi Milacek, Judy Anglin and Ruth Ann Landwehr, presented the Outstanding First Year Record Book Award to Bailey Hoeltzel, of Kremlin-Hillsdale 4-H Club.

Lanora Donahoo sponsored the Outstanding Achievement Record Book Award and presented $150 to Mandy Schroeder, of Kremlin-Hillsdale 4-H Club. Dennis Schoenhals, of Farm Credit of Enid, sponsored $150 each for the Outstanding Citizenship and Leadership Record Book Awards. The leadership award went to Elise Amundson, of Garber 4-H, and the citizenship award was given to Derek Gabriel, of Pioneer-Pleasant Vale 4-H.

The new county officers were recognized at the banquet. The new officers are: president, Ricki Schroeder; vice president, Elise Amundson; secretary, James Olmstead; reporter, Nicholas Denker; recreation leader/song leader, Blake Gabriel; and executive, Carter Postier. The officer pins were sponsored by American Farmers and Ranchers Mutual Insurance and presented by Lanora Donahoo.

Garfield County Trust Authority sponsored the fair awards. Those presented fair awards were: Junior high individual in crops judging, Aaron Gabriel, of Pioneer-Pleasant Vale. Others participating were Montell Meyer, Jayden Dillon, Nicholas Payne, Morgan Meyer, Aaron Gabriel, Carter Postier and Madison Postier. Senior high individual in crops judging was Ricki Schroeder.

The first-place junior consumer judging individual was Alexis Peeper. First-place senior consumer judging individual was Cora Smith. Others participating in consumer judging events were Morgan Messall, Madison Postier, Aaron Gabriel, Hannah Fuksa, Caleb Hatch, Alexis Peeper, Ricki Schroeder, Aliya Choitz, Brianna Deeds, Cora Smith, Cale Swaim, Jayden Dillon, Carter Postier, Mandi Fuksa, Madison Deeds, O’Ryan Hatch and Bailey Hoeltzel. The Pioneer-Pleasant Vale team of Aaron Gabriel, Madison Postier and Mandi Fuksa was the high-point team. The senior consumer judging team placed second at the state fair. Members were Ricki Schroeder, fifth; Nicholas Payne, fourth; Carter Postier, 11th; and Cora Smithm 17th. Schroeder was presented an award for being the outstanding exhibitor. He had the most placing exhibits, including judging contests.

Bailey Hoeltzel, of the Kremlin-Hillsdale 4-H Club, was the top collector of donations in Garfield County for the Ronald McDonald House.

Garfield County 4-H also held its annual cookie dough fundraiser, and the high salesperson was Dayla Anderson, Kremlin-Hillsdale.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Biddle, of McDonalds of Enid, and Allen and Frances Spencer, also of Enid, sponsored the Meat Science Awards. The junior award went to Jayden Dillon, and the senior meats science award went to Ricki Schroeder. The awards were determined by the highest cumulative scores of the county, district and state contests. Receiving certificates for participating in the meat science project and contests were Jayden Dillon, Ricki Schroeder and Bailey Hoeltzel.

The outstanding junior record books this year were submitted by Madison Deeds, Aaron Gabriel, Montell Meyer, Morgan Messall, Brianna Deeds, Alexis Peeper, Elizabeth Plunkett, Emily Cinnamon, Jayden Dillon, Madison Postier and Adelee Dominic. The Outstanding Junior 4-H member this year was Aaron Gabriel. He is a five-year member from the Pioneer-Pleasant Vale Club. His award was sponsored by Garfield County Farmers and Ranchers Insurance and presented by Lanora Donahoo.

The senior blue award record book group consisted of Ricki Schroeder, of Kremlin-Hillsdale; Nicholas Denker, Blake Gabriel and Derek Gabriel, of Pioneer-Pleasant Vale; and Elise Amundson, of Garber.

Being a member of the Oklahoma 4-H Key Club is  prestigious as it represents the top 10 percent of 4-H’ers across Oklahoma. Elise Amundson, of Garber, was presented a pin at Roundup as she is a new Oklahoma Key Club member.

4-H trips were awarded at the banquet. The Citizenship Washington Focus trip was presented to Ricki Schroeder, of Kremlin-Hillsdale, and Nicholas Denker, of Pioneer-Pleasant Vale. Blake Gabriel and Carter Postier, of Pioneer-Pleasant Vale, will be attending the Denver Leadership Confer-ence in January.

The Kansas City Global Conference trip was presented to Nicholas Payne and Hannah Fuksa, of Pioneer-Pleasant Vale. Ricki Schroeder will be celebrating Thanksgiving at National 4-H Congress in Atlanta.

Garfield County Rural Rotatory Club, represented by Tom and Jane Denker and Elmer and Judy Anglin, presented two leadership awards to county 4-H members. The two recipients were Derek and Blake Gabriel, of Pioneer-Pleasant Vale.

 Clover awards are based on participation and involvement in 4-H activities. There are different orders of clover awards for different levels of participation.

8 Green Clover Awards — Devin Dalton, Bailey Hoeltzel, Jordan Carter, Mandi Fuksa, Kathryn Plunkett, Jordan Carter, Morgan Meyer and Cora Smith.

• Bronze Clover Award — Caleb Hatch, Nicholas Payne, Adelee Dominic, O’Ryan Hatch, Madison Postier, Madison Deeds and Brianna Deeds.

• Silver Clover Award — Carter Postier, Montell Meyer, Aaron Gabriel, Morgan Messall, Jayden Dillon and Alexis Peeper.

• Gold Award — Nicholas Denker and Blake Gabriel.

• Double Gold Award — Ricki Schroeder.

4-H members win medals for their projects by completing county medal forms. This year’s winners were:

• Chisholm — Emily Hall, Performing Arts and Health Fitness.

• Christian Clovers — Montell Meyer, Performing Arts and Shooting Sports; Jayden Dillon, Photography and Performing Arts; and Morgan Meyer, Agriculture and Horse.

• Drummond — Morgan Messall, Citizenship; and Alexis Peeper, Food Preservation and Gardening.

• Enid Roadrunners — Adelee Dominic, Recreation and Leisure Arts and Performing Arts.

• Garber — Caleb Hatch, Citizenship; O’Ryan Hatch, Citizenship; Emily Cinnamon, Community Service; Elizabeth Plunkett, Leadership; Madison Deeds, Public Speaking and Community Service; Brianna Deeds, Beef and Community Service; and Kaitlyn Booth, Citizenship and Beef.

• Kremlin-Hillsdale — Bailey Hoeltzel, Swine and Citizenship.

• Pioneer-Pleasant Vale — Aaron Gabriel, Fitness Leadership and Achievement; Madison Postiern Conservation of Natural Resources and Community Service; and Hannah Fuksa, Community Service

The Danforth “I Dare You” awards were presented to Nicholas Payne and Blake Gabriel, of the Pioneer-Pleasant Vale 4-H.

Special awards were given to three county 4-H’ers. A peanut award was presented to Madison Deeds, of Garber. A dairy award was presented to Alexis Peeper, of Drummond, and a Bread award was given to Brianna Deeds, of the Garber 4-H.

Each year Garfield County 4-H presents the Friend of 4-H Award to people or organizations who help the 4-H program. This year’s recipients are Dennis Schoenhals, with Farm Credit of Enid, and Vickie Hogan, of the Garber-Billings newspaper.

For information on the 4-H program, call Garfield County Extension Center at 237-1228.